Barmer is taking the lead in opening up social media awareness vistas in Rajasthan


Congress Party unit in Barmer, the quaint desert heartland of Rajasthan woke up to a social media awakening of a different kind, especially in contrast with the traditionally passive and unorganised approach of the State Unit on social media forums. A much needed and pleasant change in the form of social media convention titles ‘Like, Comment & Right Sharing: Humari Social Zimmedari’, organised by All India Congress Committee (AICC) National Secretary and ex MP Sh. Harish Chaudhary in Barmer.

A pioneering program brought forth an exclusive platform to discuss the responsible use of social media platforms throughout the day in coordination with Design Boxed Creatives- nation’s leading digital political media management company and its director Sh.Naresh Arora who had conceptualized the entire program. Sh. Naresh Arora has been the force behind Sh. Chaudhary’s social media representations, including his Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube accounts which happen to be one of the most engaging platforms in the Rajasthan circle of politics, regularly convening all issues related to state and national political scenario!

Needless to say, this convention matched the grandeur and effectiveness of corporate events held in metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Delhi, registered record breaking participation by Booth Level workers from Barmer, opening up doors of well informed social media engagements in Rajasthan for the first time.

A pioneering program in itself, this convention was replete with pertinent know-how about social media utilization to emancipate local Booth Workers with responsible usage, backed by high tech presentations. Sh Harish Chaudhary interacted with the audience, expounding upon the theme of the convention and its various facets, throughout the day in coordination with Design Boxed Creatives.

With this convention, Sh. Harish Chaudhary has shown the way forward in the social media realm by taking the lead of bringing the knowledge of this domain to workers in Barmer. The question is will the rest of Congress fraternity in Rajasthan follow the lead, wake up from its social media slumber and put up a fight to BJP?

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