Castrol Super Mechanic: An opportunity to upgrade technical skills and improve career prospects.

Winner of Super Mechanic 2017 Castrol’s annual mechanics’ competition Dharmesh Sharma, describes the competition as a once in a lifetime opportunity to upgrade technical skills and improve career prospects.

From being a simple mechanic, he has now been positioned as a Super Mechanic not only due to the skills acquired but also as a result of being recognized as super hero amongst his community. For mechanics, it’s extremely important to upgrade mechanical skills with new cars and systems emerging every day and the competition served as the perfect launchpad for Dharmesh to upgrade skills and solve issues faster with evolved technology. Today, learnings from Super Mechanic have helped Dharmesh evolve his capabilities in turn having a positive impact on his business.

Castrol Super Mechanic is a program that helps enhance the business of technicians like Dharmesh whose skills are often undervalued, and puts them in the spotlight as the backbone of the vehicle servicing industry. Besides enhancing his technical skills through a Masterclass special training organized by the company, he was sent on an all-expense paid trip to Thailand with his fellow winners where he made new friends. Today, Dharmesh’s success serves as an example for many of his friends.

In 2017, the mega contest was held in key states across the country, comprising competitive challenges. From each of the eight rounds, three mechanics were chosen to represent their state at the National Final rounds held in Mumbai. Dharmesh, from Mansarovar, Jaipur was chosen to represent Rajasthan along with his teammates Mr Jitendra Saini and Mr Zakir Hussain, and together they won the contest.

Here is what Super Mechanic Dharmesh has to say, “It is quite inexplicable to summarize my experience in meeting mechanics from different backgrounds from various parts of Asia through Super Mechanic. Today Super Mechanic, in several ways has given me the opportunity to widen my horizons with new skills acquired, the opportunity to travel, learn, make new friends and evolve”.

In this way, the Super Mechanic competition makes for an unforgettable experience combined with the opportunities to enhance technical skills, which every participant will cherish forever.

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