Christmas Celebrations begin with a Cake Mixing Ceremony At Leisure Inn Grand Chanakya, Jaipur


Leisure Inn Grand Chanakya, Jaipur of StayWell Hospitality Group India hosted a fun Cake Mixing Ceremony to bring in the Christmas season. Christmas is no fun without the traditional Christmas cake. And making it is no quick and easy task -preparations begin months in advance for that. Originally a family affair, it is for many years celebrated within organisations to spread camaraderie and goodwill.

The first step towards making the cake is the mixing process, formally called the cake-mixing ceremony. Leisure Inn Grand Chanakya, Jaipur, recently been honored with the “Go MMT Customer Choice Award 2018”, hosted a fun Cake Mixing Ceremony to bring in the Christmas season. Cake Mixing is traditionally done to celebrate the advent of Christmas and the start of winter festivities. It is also considered to be an usher for good tidings and happiness.

The stirring ceremony is part of an age-old Christmas tradition of cake mixing and one making wishes for the New Year. The ingredients of the festive fruit cake are mixed with wine and liquor in advance so that the ingredients can develop aroma and taste. Leisure Inn Grand Chanakya, Jaipur had an abundant amount of colorful cherries, dates, plums, assorted dry fruits, currants, sultanas, dried figs, glace cherries, brown sugar, mixed spices, almonds flakes and many more ingredients to incorporate together in the cake mix!

The cake mixing ceremony was headed by leisure Inn, Jaipur’s very own celebrated Executive Chef Balbir Singh Chauhan and General Manager Nitesh Mathur and the event was celebrated on a grand scale. The attendees of the event were Resident and Non Resident Guests as well as the members of the Leisure Inn family. The Cake Mixing ceremony was followed by Hi Tea which turned out to be a fun and all-inclusive celebration!

Commenting on the event, GM Nitesh Mathur said,”When I joined LIGC this year, I felt that we should celebrate the global festival of cake mixing and immediately my team agreed on the idea. We are thrilled to have hosted this unique Cake Mixing Ceremony in Jaipur as we prepare for a festive season filled with cheer!”

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