Diabetes educators: An endeavor to Skill India and to keep India Fit

A major reason behind this rapid increase in diabetes is lack of awareness about the disease and its causes like poor lifestyle condition. To compound matters, availability of trained medical professionals is not commensurate with the increase in the numbers of the afflicted. Taking serious note of the situation, the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE) introduced the concept of Diabetes Educators. Diabetes educators are healthcare professional who focus on educating / training people with (or at risk of) diabetes. As counsellors, these educators do not only play a quintessential role in raising awareness about the disease but also act as a bridge between patients and doctors.

Rajesh Agarwal, Joint Secretary at Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE), says, “Largely a self-care disease, diabetes can be managed by proper lifestyle choices and timely medication, although this is easier said than done. Diabetes Educators will address the need to drive awareness about managing the chronic disease and provide specialist care to the afflicted. As counsellors, these educators will act as a bridge between patients and doctors and provide proper guidance to those affected by diabetes. These educators will be able to handhold diabetics, helping them to lead quality lives. It is our aim to better the quality of life of our people, through Skill India and this is yet another endeavor to keep India fit.”

The Diabetes Educator programme of the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship is helping youths in exploring new career opportunities and contribute in the healthcare development of the society. The MSDE aims to create two million job opportunities in next 10 years and Diabetes Educator is an important job option across India, especially the rural part of the country.

The Healthcare Sector Skill Council has made available a two-month course for aspiring Diabetes Educators at training institutes across the country. More than 1200 students have been successfully trained under this course. Students are trained on various technical aspects of diabetes and how to effectively manage the disease. The curriculum includes theoretical classes on types of diabetes, complications, diet requirements, and on storage and administering of Insulin. After clearing an examination at the end of the first month, students are then offered internships at hospitals for a practical understanding of the disease.

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