Eureka Forbes’ Pilot Study ‘Lung Filter Test’ Finds Presence of Heavy Metals like Arsenic, Lead, Nickel, Chromium, Cadmium in Indoor Air – Samples Tested at FICCI Research & Analysis Centre

New Delhi, Delhi, India

Air pollution is the second biggest health hazard in India and a recent Lancet report validates this. It states that there has been a 17 percent rise in deaths and disabilities due to diseases caused by air pollution across the country last year, making it the largest environmental health risk. With an aim to gauge the impact of air pollution indoors, Eureka Forbes Limited recently conducted a pilot study, “lung filter test” across regions in Delhi & Gurgaon over a span of four weeks. The study monitored indoor air quality in 11 residences using Eureka Forbes’ Dr. Aeroguard’s special HEPA protection lung filter to showcase for the first-time invisible pollutants present in the indoor air. These lung filter samples were tested and analyzed by FICCI Research & Analysis centre in Delhi.

The findings revealed some hard-hitting facts about air pollution being the biggest issue for most of the households in that region. The concentration levels of the pollutants found on the filters tested were extremely shocking. The study results also demonstrated clearly the different kinds of dangerous air pollutants apart from PM 2.5 that are present indoors like Arsenic, Lead, Nickel, Chromium and Cadmium and their harmful effects on the human body. Apart from increasing levels of air pollution, respondents surveyed were breathing chemical contaminants which are very harmful to health.

Sharing his thoughts on this initiative, Mr. Marzin Shroff, MD & CEO – Eureka Forbes Limited said, “Today air pollution is one of the major contributor of critical health issues affecting millions of lives across the country. Considering the high levels of air pollution recorded in the national capital over the past two months, we aim to inform and educate the consumers about the various harmful indoor air pollutants and its impact on human health through this study. The purpose was to gauge the extent of pollutants present indoors by using Aeroguard’s unique HEPA protection lung filters and how it is affecting the health of individuals. We want to encourage people to take action in minimizing their risk and mitigate indoor air quality problems effectively.”

Through this initiative, Eureka Forbes aimed to create awareness and alleviate the problem of rising air pollution in the country. For the first time, the individuals could actually see what they have been breathing at their homes over the years.