Published On: Wed, May 31st, 2017

Girls hate these things but still some guys keep doing them

girls hate these things exclusive news

Girls hate these things but still some guys keep doing them-

  • When you ask her out, if she says no, it is better to step back. If you ask her repeatedly, it may irritate her.
  • If you are a guy who keeps trolling everyone on Facebook and bullying everyone offline, then girls hate that quality.
  • When a conversation starts, some guys keep exaggerating their stories about themselves. That clearly shows off a need to be recognised.
  • Texting her every minute doesn’t mean you love her so much. It just means that you are clingy. And girls are allergic to clingy guys.
  • Whatever you do to look cool may backfire. Whether it is your dress, body language or behaviour, if you do such things to impress girls, it could fail.
  • She will quickly get bored of your company if you are a guy who shows off your money or father’s status. Even when it comes to bragging about the beauties you have been with, try not to make a statement of anything if you want to score well.
  • Trying to woo someone with pick up lines might backfire. Girls would like to be understood first before they are asked out. Without feeling comfortable in a guy’s company, no girl would simply say yes even though you are too hot.

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