Indian Auto LPG Coalition proposes to Make LPG Mandatory for Govt., Commercial & Public Vehicles in Rajasthan

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Make it Mandatory for Govt., Commercial & Public Vehicles to Run on Clean fuels in Rajasthan: Indian Auto LPG Coalition proposes

  • In letter to Rajasthan CM Smt. Vasundhara Raje, IAC suggests that auto LPG and can play key role in making an immediate impact on urban air quality
  • IAC is the nodal industry body for the promotion of Auto LPG fuel in India

Jaipur, July 12, 2017: Leading industry body auto LPG Coalition (IAC) has written to Hon’ble Chief Minister Smt. Vasundhara Raje, urging him to make it mandatory for all government vehicles as well as commercial and public transport in the state to run on clean gaseous fuels.


This initiative would help minimize usage of petrol and diesel on the roads and make a significant and immediate impact on urban air quality.


Auto LPG is a highly clean automotive fuel, which is much cheaper than petrol & diesel and very comparable in cost to CNG. A highly energy efficient fuel, auto LPG can be ready and available solution to reducing pollution levels in Indian cities. Rajasthan has around 51 auto LPG dispensing stations covering all major urban centres.


“A recent Greenpeace report has said that 1.2 million deaths take place every year in India due to air pollution. It claimed none of the 168 cities it assessed, complied with air quality standards prescribed by the WHO. Also, it is a known fact that vehicle transport constitutes a significant proportion of the air quality emissions,” highlights Mr Gupta in his letter.


“A key step to ensure a cleaner air in the state would be for your resolute government to mandate all vehicles running in government service, directly or indirectly, to run on cleaner fuels, giving them a 6 month window. Another positive initiative would e to make it mandatory for all Commercial and Public Vehicles to convert and run on cleaner gaseous fuels. The above twin steps would serve as a strong example of the government walking the talk & backing its intent, with firm policies. Also, this step would serve as a huge enabler for almost all stakeholders including the Vehicle Manufacturers, Fuel marketers and related stakeholders, who have continued to wait for years together, for a critical mass, before going all out for investing in these alternate fuel vehicles and infrastructure,” adds Mr. Gupta.


Notably, auto LPG is a very viable solution which can make an impact on air quality, almost immediately. International studies have confirmed that Auto LPG does extremely well, particularly when comparing emissions for the two most harmful pollutants NOx and HC. NOx emissions from Auto LPG are 90% lower than that of Diesel, 60% lesser than Petrol and about half of that of CNG. In fact, the HC emission from an Auto LPG vehicle is also significantly lesser than CNG.


Auto LPG is economical, typically costing around 50% lesser than the price of petrol. Running costs of Auto LPG are also cheaper than diesel and comparable to CNG. Apart from being an extremely clean and economical automotive fuel, an Auto LPG station can be set up fairly quickly.


According to a Greenpeace report, air pollution levels in Rajasthan cities had Particulate matter (PM 10) concentrations higher than the annual average of 60 µg/m3 as prescribed under National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) in 2015. The report analyzed data from state pollution control board for Udaipur, Kota where PM 10 concentrations were 156, 134, and 152µg/m3 respectively.


Auto LPG is the third most commonly used automotive fuel after Petrol and Diesel. Over 26 million vehicles across 70 countries use Auto LPG to help clean their urban environment. Globally seven of the ten largest car manufacturers produce LPG powered cars. The use of LPG as an automotive fuel became legal in India with effect from April 24, 2000. Since then more than 500 cities have been covered by Auto LPG with more than 1100 stations.


The infrastructural costs and the time required to set up a CNG station network are also simply incomparable to that of Auto LPG. A CNG station is set up after millions of dollars of investment into pipelines, which takes upto a decade or sometimes more, to put up, whereas an auto LPG dispensing station costs just about Rs 50- 60 lakhs and can be set up within a period of barely 2-3 months.

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