Insecticides (India) Limited Launches Four Products in Rajasthan

Leading crop protection products manufacturing company Insecticides (India) Limited today announced the launch of four new products for cost effective control against pests and diseases for farmers in Rajasthan to get better yields from their crops of Paddy, cotton, pulses and vegetables. The products-Encounter, Sofia, Aikido and Hercules have been launched after they were made at the Formulations R&D centre of Insecticides (India) Limited.

Insecticides (India) Ltd.’s path-breaking insecticide Encounter helps fight lepidopteron and sucking pest together in important crops like pulses. Encounter has certain unique advantages like it can be sprayed on crops evenly and with same consistency throughout as it disperses in water easily. It can be sprayed on all forms and stages of crop. Even if it rains four hours after spray, it will still be effective. Encounter has unique ‘Trans linear’action because of which it works on both sides of the leaf to control the insects. This product is also helpful in tea, cotton, and vegetable crops.

“It is our continuous endeavor to bring out the latest crop protection products for the benefit of the farmers within their reach. These four new products will have wide applicability. All these four products are based on the combinations of two products that will provide synergistic effect in terms of better control and efficacy. All these products are based on the latest technology& safe formulations. We thank our R&D team to give us these products after a long spell of compatibility trails and bio efficacy. We are happy that they are being launched in this season and will give effective solution to farmers for the protection of their crops from various insects and diseases. These four products will provide value for money to farmers. We will look forward to a good response to them and this will encourage us to work in direction in future also.” said Mr. Rajesh Aggarwal, Managing Director, Insecticides (India) Ltd.

Insecticides (India) Ltd.’s innovative productHercules is an insecticide that protects cash crops from sucking pest like white fly, Jassids&Thrips. Hercules has the ability to protect the leaves of crops from both sides and hence controls sucking insects from underneath the leaves also because of its ‘Trans linear’ action. It has unique ‘Vapor Action’ which help the product to reach the insect in high density crops for better and effective control.
“We will launch extensive farmer education camps for correct dosage and spraying techniques for these four products in Rajasthan. It is our endeavour that more and more farmers take advantage of these innovative products and increase their yields” said Mr.Sanjay Vats, General Manager, Insecticides (India) Ltd.

Insecticides (India) Ltd.’s equally unique product Aikido is again an insecticide. This product is launched in technical collaboration with Nihon Nohyaku, Japan. Thisproduct gives complete protection from brown plant hoppers (BPH), white plant hoppers (WBPH) and leaf folder which destroy about 25-30% percent of paddy crop in the country every year. The use of Aikido also exhibits ovicidal action by reducing the egg laying ability of BPH and the nymphs are not able to hatch properly from the treated eggs. Other than paddy, AIKIDO is also found effective on vegetables. Thus farmers can get much higher yields from their produce by protecting their crops with Aikido.

Last but not the least; Sofia is again very useful broad spectrum fungicide by Insecticides (India) Ltd. It gives complete protection from various diseases in different crops for farmers in the country. It is especially useful for crops of chilly, mango, cucumber, rose, tomato, peas, paddy, grapes&cumin. It gives Broad Spectrum Control against diseases in crops.

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