Positive thinking, strong will power and great company will lead to success in life and business

International Speaker Dr Vivek Bindra shares Business boosting Methods

Well-known International Motivational Speaker Dr. Vivek Bindra while addressing a bounce back seminar organized at the Jaipur Exhibition and Convention Center shared his success Mantra with more than two thousand corporate houses across the state.

He while adressing the people in his energetic style said that company of successful people will help you to achieve success in life. Their company will automatically lead you to success. Positiveness is very important in life. Successful people think only good that’s why everything good happens to them.”

Dr. Bindra has changed the life direction of thousands of people so far under the Bounce Back series which guides people on how to succeed at businesses.

He said that the first rule to do big is to think big. All is the game of mind, change the state of mind, circumstances will change automatically. Generally people think that business ia all about money and if they don’t have money they cannot do business. While successful business requires tools, techniques, principals and hardworks. In the absence of this thinking, most people opt for private jobs.

During the course of the program, he gave the example of Guru Gobind Singh’s chamkaur battle. He said that Guru Gobind Singh ji had fought 1 lakh 25 thousand Mughal soldiers with just 40 soldiers, and still Guru Gobind Singh ji won. This was nothing but a result of thinking and strong will power. He said that while being born, all are equal, but on the basis of karma and thinking, some attain success while some struggle.

During his program, he explained the importance of recognizing ones limitless limit, to speed up the peak performance index, to raise the internal will power, improving out ROI, and to take advantage of incomparable signature strength to bring about success and to stay ahead of the competitors, ways to build high performance team, ways to achieve the short term and long term goal, use of emotional intelligence in tough times, convincing people do your way to create a positive environment for oneself. In the end, Program Coordinator Mr. Prakash Mishra, MD- Drive Digital, expressed gratitude to the officials of Rajasthan Government and sponsors for the event.

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