SBI MF creates awareness among retail investors through ‘Nivesh Ke Nuske

One of India’s largest mutual fund houses SBI Mutual Fund, managing assets in excess of INR 2,00,000 crores creates awareness among retail investors through ‘Nivesh Ke Nuske’.It is a financial awareness series by SBI MF to educate the retail investors about investing meticulously with a fix goal by identifying the asset class and determining the investment amount.

The initiative is launched with an objective to help masses in understanding theimportance of investing on the basis offinancial goals, the power of compounding in long term wealth creation and the many solutions that mutual funds can provide for financial planning.

Mr. D P Singh, Executive Director & CMO, said: “With Nivesh Ke Nuske we aim to simplify and educate investors about mutual funds and the right approach towards investment in a more systematic and planned manner to achieve long term goals.”

In the current series the objective is to spread awareness on solution based investing which moves away from product centric investing.

When investing is based on a solution based approach, an investor can plan their investments basis their goal (short-term goalor medium-term goals or long-term goals), risk appetite and time horizon. Based on this, one can choose various asset classes like equity funds, equity oriented hybrid, debt oriented hybrid funds etc. With the use of solutions like Systematic Withdrawal Plans (SWP) Systematic Investment Plans (SIP), Systematic Transfer Plans (STP) etc investing becomes more efficient and helps in achieving the investor’s goals better.
Business owners, Retirees, Salaried professionals like doctors, lawyers, woman and those in the armed forcescan use this approachto create a healthy investment portfolio.

SBI MF brings to you a bouquet of growth-oriented schemes which are designed to help retail investors achieve their life goals.SBI Mutual Fund manages an AAUM of over INR. 2,17,649 crores (excluding Domestic Fund of Funds) as

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