Published On: Thu, Nov 5th, 2020

100 Pipers ‘Legacy Project’ Continues To ‘Project & Protect’ India’s Endangered Arts

Bangalore, November 5th , 2020

Seagram’s 100 Pipers has consistently lived its brand philosophy of ‘Be Remembered For Good’ with various endeavours that lead a positive change. In 2019, it started “The Legacy Project” with the objective of supporting India’s endangered art forms and their artist communities. The project showcased Gond, Bhil, Pattua, Pachedi, Cheriyal & Kalighat paintings through a series of Limited Edition Packs, taken to millions of Indians via a strong media campaign. The project received global recognition at the world’s most prestigious advertising awards like One Show awards (New York), D&AD Awards (UK) & Kyoorius Awards (India).

In 2020, The Legacy Project has initiated its 2nd chapter with a series of Limited Edition Packs showcasing the Textile Traditions of India. From Phulkari in North to Kalamkari in South, from Gara Embroidery in West to Bengal Handloom Weaves in East and Maheshwari Weaves of Central India.

It has collaborated with India’s ‘textile warriors’, renowned spokespeople who have dedicated their lives to transforming India’s textile practices to make them speak to today’s generation. The Legacy Project will not just showcase the textile arts but also empower artisans with financial aid & ensure they continue their trade with dignity. To amplify this effort, the 1 Million+ Limited Edition packs have been supported with a robust digital campaign starting 23rd Oct onwards.

Speaking about the campaign, Kartik Mohindra, Chief Marketing Officer, Pernod Ricard India said, “Seagram’s 100 Pipers believes in leadership with purpose & has always worked on initiatives for the greater good. ‘100 Pipers Legacy Project’ is one such platform where artists from length & breadth of India get to showcase their art to the world. It is an initiative that springs from the very philosophy of the brand – Be Remembered For Good. In 2020, we aim to protect & project the magic weaves and textile handwork of our country. The 2020 100 Pipers Legacy Project Textile Edition is a step in that direction”.

Sharing creative details of the campaign, Nitin Srivastava, Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy, Gurgaon said, This year, the designs on The Legacy Project Limited Edition canisters bring alive the country’s weaves & embroidery that have been kept alive for centuries and with this project we aim to keep it that way”.

In West Bengal, UNESCO award winner & master weaver Bappaditya Biswas is working with weavers at Phulia, who are still struggling with the pandemic & the devastation caused by Cyclone Amphan. Biswas said: ‘100 Pipers Legacy Project is not just showcasing classic weaves, it is also helping weavers in Bengal who have been laid low by the twin blows of the pandemic & Amphan.’

Mamata Reddy, whose Kalam Creations has bridged the distance between hubs in rural Andhra Pradesh and the fashion runways of Mumbai says: A project of this nature goes beyond tokenism to make solid contributions to the community. We need more such initiatives.’

Up north, Kirandeep Kaur and Harinder Singh, Mela Phulkari’s founders, say: “Phulkari is a symbol of the link between home and harvest, an embodiment of the hopes and aspirations of women. 100 Pipers Legacy Project is helping in protecting & celebrating this art”.

And in the metropolis of Mumbai, Zenobia Davar, who has showcased the Gara embroidery, says: “Gara is often missed out from conversations on India’s textile heritage, it is good that it is being showcased in 100 Pipers Legacy Project”.

Another fine tribute to 100 Pipers Legacy Project comes from Sally Holkar, who has single-handedly driven the revival of Maheshwari weaving. She sums it up beautifully: “WomenWeave has joined hands with 100 Pipers bringing together two of life’s quality experiences: Fine cloth and fine spirits.”

Truly a blend of good intention, with inflections of aesthetic flavour and matured by centuries of tradition – two fine experiences unite to form a wonderful cause. What better way to raise a toast to the festive season. 

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