Every swipe on Tinder represents the possibility of meeting someone new and interesting, and starting something epic – an epic friendship, crazy adventure or a love story. Tinder at its core is a social discovery platform, and a match on Tinder can lead to endless possibilities! And it all starts with the profile! So we’re here to help.

Tinder’s dating and relationship expert Darcy Sterling PhD, gives tips on how to optimise your Tinder profile and stand out! “Everyone needs help initiating a conversation, so help your potential matches out by putting enough intel in your bio about who you are for them to know how to begin the conversation.”

1.Pictures speak a 1000 words: Pay attention to you profile pictures – it is the first thing that is noticed in your profile so it has be accurate! Your pictures should give others a sense of your personality, hobbies or interests i.e. travel, sports, pets, quantum physics, collecting stamps – you’re more likely to make better connections with users who share or admire your passions. Our research indicates that people tend to respond to pictures with animals or traveling shots.

2. Smile in your photos: It will increase right swipes by 14%. Also, wear bright colors! “I get it, I know you rock that LBD so well, but show off some color. It makes you pop!”

3. Ditch the sunglasses:Wearing sunglasses in your photos “can come across as being standoffish,” explains Dr. Sterling. Plus, whether you’re wearing a hat or sunglasses, anything that hides your face decreases your chance of a right swipe by 12%, according to Tinder’s data.

4.  Don’t hide behind your friends: We get it, you have friends. But this is YOUR profile, not your friends. Keep the pictures focused on you.

5. Avoid Gym selfies: They are great but probably not the best idea for your Tinder profile

6. Full Frontal: Face straight ahead in your profile pics – and while you’re at it, smile! Individuals who are front facing are 20% more likely to be swiped right on, relative to their counterparts who are facing sideways or not showing themselves.

7. The Bio: Add one point that offers insight into who you are as a person I.e. You’re a huge Game of Thrones fan, you believe in vegetarian Biryani, or you love the Gully Boy album. Use your bio as a place to let your personality shine!

8. Include one open-ended question

“This is a great way to ensure a message after getting a match,” says Dr. Sterling.

We all know one of the biggest issues singles face on dating apps is how to start a convo with anything other than “hey” (which is the worst, for the record). So hit ’em with a conversation prompt directly in your prof, such as, “What does your Sunday evening look like?” or “What type of friend are you in the group chat?”

9. Create a cute quiz:

This is another great way to build in a conversation starter with your match. No one will have to worry about that dreaded opening line! For example…

What’s your Sunday priority:

Hit the gym

Drunch anyone

Netflix binge

None of the above

10. Send Super Likes: It’s a feature which will let you indicate that special someone that you are interested in knowing that person. It notifies that person when your profile appears highlighting that you Super Liked them. This increases the chances of a match by 300%

11. Use GIFs: If you don’t know what to say to your match or don’t know how to start a conversation, send a GIF, they’re 30% more likely to get a reply

12. BONUS PRO TIP: STERLING RECOMMENDS ADDING A SPOTIFY ANTHEM TO YOUR TINDER PROFILE!  This feature is an opportunity for users to highlight their favorite song or one song that best represents them at the moment.

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