Skinny men often feel unattractive due to their body type. While most of the fashion industry caters to the needs of a muscular body, only a few offer fashion outfits to skinny men. It might get difficult to even choose graphic t-shirts onlinethat suit well. But there are some ways that can help in giving an illusion of a muscular look. The first step of it is finding a style that fits one well. It is not difficult and does not need a lot of investment. Here are 5 easy steps to find the right style for skinny men.

Wear slim-fit jeans-

There must be a perfect percentage of tight and baggy ratio in the bottom wear. Skinny jeans that are way too tight must be avoided as they accentuate how skinny the legs are. On the other hand, pants that are too baggy will make one look smaller. Therefore, one must wear slim-fitted pants that have little bagginess and fit tight. Make sure it is comfortable around to move.

Purchase well-fittedshirt or t-shirt-

Just as in the case of bottom wears, do not wear too tight/ loose top wears. Shirts must fit comfortably across the chest as this accentuates the body. One can ensure that they don’t end up buying baggy shirts by looking for shirts labeled ‘slim fit’. Well fitted shirts aid in flattering the form and thus bringing out the upper body. Moreover, it is worth buying in t-shirts like Henley trending t-shirts onlineas they accentuate the male body and fit tight.

Wear multiple layers-

Wearing multiple layers is an excellent way of adding bulk. It can make one look fashionable apart from giving the body depth. Start with a light undershirt. Then wear a button-up shirt over it. make sure that the shirt is devoid of double front pockets as it might be uncomfortable (unless one is comfortable in it and is looking for an extremely bulky look). After this, put on a cardigan or a light sweater over it. An extra layer of blazer or jacket can also be considered over the sweater.

Invest in a casual blazer-

Purchasing a casual blazer is the best investment skinny men can make. Blazers give an illusion of a boxier form by emphasizing on the shoulders. They look stylish and sophisticated at the same time. Tan colored or light grey blazers provide a clean and casual look. It is effortless to wear one, as it can be worn over designer t-shirtsor a button-up shirt as well. The right fit can be tested by checking if one feels too tight when crossing the arms in it. If it does, then choose another one.

Ankle boots-

Invest in a pair of shoes that come up to the ankle. Ankle boots bunch up the cuffs of the pants when it is worn. This helps in adding to the illusion of bulkier legs. Also, ankle boots make a unique fashion statement which is more eye-catching than tennis shoes.

These are some ways to find the style that suits well. These are some of the few investments that are worth it and which one will not regret. However, one can look sloppy even after following all these steps if one is not confident enough. Wearing clothes confidently can distract others from focusing on one’s lean figure. Moreover, clothes look even better on a confident body. Being confident can persuade one to embrace their body type.  At the end of the day, it is more about accepting oneself rather than bothering about what others think. 

Remember to practice good posture. Keep the head up, spine straight, and shoulders back. Siting up and walking straight can also make one look good. Moreover, avoid crossing the arms as much as possible. It is also a good idea to find a good portal which caters to small sizes as well.