• October 28, 2021

Such is the magic of Gujarati love song “Saibo Re” that when singer & composer Priya Saraiya along with Kirtidan Gadhvi launched the song under the label of Tips Gujarati, it stormed the Gujarati music scene. 

Kirtidan Gadhvi & Priya Saraiya’s “Saibo Re” carries a sense of timeless eternal appeal. While it has a strong nostalgia attached to it, the song is soothing, peaceful & calming. 

Mr.Kumar Taurani of Tips Gujarati says “There are a few songs that are forever irrespective of the generation, language or the time when it was released. When you listen to such songs, they not only bring back the fond memories from one’s life, but also reinvigorates you “Saibo Re “ is definitely one such melody. A beautiful Timeless Melody with a new sound & approach to is surely more welcoming to today’s audience”

Calling it a dream, Priya Saraiya says “I’ve been working on “Saibo Re “ with Kirtibhai’s for a while now and I always had a dream to sing a duet with him, this was the perfect song to bring us both together. It’s amazing that this song is already been loved by many and Kirtibhai is already singing it in his live shows. I remember when I presented the song  to Kirtibhai he immediately approved of it and agreed to collaborate with me. Kirtibhai always wanted to sing something contemporary which he has not done before. I hope everybody loves this song as much as we do.

Composed by – Rajbha Gadhvi and Priya Saraiya;

Written by – Rajbha Gadhvi and Priya Saraiya;

Sung by – Kirtidan Gadhvi and Priya Saraiya.

Youtube : https://youtu.be/LnEmw07VElA

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