Mumbai, March 03, 2021.

Bonjour, movie fans! Fasten your seat belts and gear up for the biggest French action franchise which is fast and a bit curious. This Friday, March 5, &PrivéHD, the premium destination of nuanced cinema, presents the first of many enjoyable and must-watch movies from around the world with the premiere of ‘Taxi 5.’ Coming to Indian television for the first time as part of the channel’s latest property, ‘Privé World Box Office’, the action-comedy will air at 9PM for the entire week till Thursday. With this, movie fans are set to be entertained with new blockbuster foreign films every week that promise to make you feel at home, no matter the language.

With the multi-talented actor and filmmaker Franck Gastambide at the helm, Taxi 5 is the fifth and final instalment in the top-grossing French action comedy series. With an all-new cast and an entertaining ride, here’s a Ferrari Vs Peugeot fast car chase that you wouldn’t want to miss! The plot revolves around a muscular cop, Sylvain (Franck) who lives by the sound of his car engine. One fine day, he is transferred in the police of Marseilles where he gets assigned to take down a group of Italian robbers who drive the powerful Ferraris. It is then that he’s told of the epic adventures of the legendary taxi of Marseilles and he teams up with the taxi owner’s nephew for a smashing car chase and an ultimate pile-up!

Bringing new premieres every week, &PrivéHD’s World Box Office promises entertainment for everyone with movies of varied themes and genres. The line-up includes movies that are each blockbusters in their country of origin and are from varied genres ranging from romantic dramas and comedy to fantasy and adventure.

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