Bhilwara, March, 2021.

In 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic due to the lockdown, many people had to face financial hardships. People lost their jobs, small traders were forced to shut their shops, which also resulted in a huge loss for the retailers. But for the retailers who were providing financial services with PayNearby, the situation was better than the rest. In this time of unprecedented crisis, all the retailers associated with PayNearby were doing their national duty by providing financial assistance to the common people. PayNearby is an app that allows one to avail financial and digital services like remittance and cash withdrawal, Aadhaar banking, bill payment, mobile recharge, digital payment and insurance. This is a very easy means to increase one’s income without any investment. Today, more than 15 lakh retailers across the country are registered with PayNearby to serve 15 crore customers. The retailers are commonly known as Digital Pradhans as they are digitally empowering the community. Today, we are going to share one such inspiring story of Mr. ManojPareek.

Manoj hails from Bhilwara, Rajasthan and has been associated with PayNearby since 2018. He started his services as a retailer with PayNearby, but with his determination and zeal to do more and move ahead in life, in just 3 years, hebecame a PayNearby SuperDistributor.

It is said that what common people can’t imagine, an entrepreneur does that. Like all villages in India, people in Bhilwara also had to travel long distances to avail banking services owing to the limited bank branches and limited ATMs. Manoj found a solution to this problem very easily in the PayNearby App. With the help of PayNearby, Manoj started providing services like easy cash withdrawal, cash deposit, bachatkhata and insurance to the people of Bhilwara from his shop, MNC Care. By transferring the customer’s money to any bank account with PayNearby’s secure platform,Manoj helped them and established himself as a multi-bank service centre in his area.

In order to reach as many people as possible, Manoj acquired PayNearby’s Super Distributorship and also motivated his retailer partners in Bhilwara to join the platform. With this, Manoj not only earned a good Super Distributorship commission but also got the credit for making the lives of his friends and retail fraternity better.

The credit for Manoj’s success goes to his sheer dedication and hard work. He was determined to change and elevate his life by joining PayNearby. Ever since he joined PayNearby, he has never looked back. Today, he is making a profit of around ₹ 50,000 per month. He has formed a competent team that helps in training and providing better services to every retailer to offer the best customer service to the customers.

Apart from being a visionary, Manoj is also very ambitious. Hence, to multiply his income, he became a Super Distributor from a Distributor. During the pandemic, he assisted the people of his area by providing important financial services like AePS, DMT and Insurance.

Manoj gives special importance to insurance because, according to him, it is a very important product for his customers. “Insurance is my favourite product. I know a lot about insurance and also understand how important it is for the people. An insurance of just ₹ 590 can be life-changing for a daily wager. The labourers need to know about this, so my team do a lot of awareness programs for these people so that they can understand the need for insurance. Moreover, it is very affordable, ”says Manoj.

Manoj had a dream, which he is realizing with the help of PayNearby. His financial condition has improved and with the profits from PayNearby, he has not only upgraded his lifestyle but that of his team as well.”Our trust in PayNearby inspires us to move forward. It is not just me, my team believes in it too. Many companies come and go, but if any transaction with PayNearby fails, we know that our money is safe and will be credited back in our accounts, “he says.

Manoj wants more and more people to join PayNearby because it is a very good platform and every month, there is a new product or a new partnership. This helps in giving better and a variety of services to the customers and they always feel connected. Owing to all these features, many retailers are ready to get the PayNearby ID as compared to the free IDs of other companies.

If seen in the true sense, if there is a problem, there is a solution to it and just like PayNearby, Manoj believes in this. For any financial or banking service, Manoj Pareek hainna.

If you too want to be successful like ManojPareek, give a missed call on PayNearby’s toll-free number – 1800 3000 2030 right away to join and earn more income and respect.