It is said that people come into our life for a reason, and life is just not complete without them around. One such person in my life is my mother. My First Teacher.

As the great saying goes, the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. Being the only daughter after three generations, my life has been indulged with every attention, supervision, and kindness. I have tried to embody my mother’s teachings in my own life. Seeing her persevere and excel in whatever she takes into her hands, has helped me master the art of success. Victory can be achieved with consistent, committed and focused work, she asserts.

Some of the greatest life lessons she has taught me are:

1.    Respect is earned and not bought.

2.    Anger can only harm the relationship and one’s health.

3.   No work is small work, every work requires perfection. It can be as minor as cleaning the ground.

4.   We are all born with some purpose in life. So, don’t waste a moment.

A mother is, in fact, our first teacher in our life, and also a visible God.

My mother, Ms Rupal Dalal, Executive Director of JD Institute of Fashion Technology, was the daughter of a school principal. This has helped her run the institution effectively. She believes in inspiring people to take their own decision in the course of life, just as her mother would do.

“When a person decides something on their own, they are bound to follow it to the end. Rather than motivating, I believe in inspiring others to make their own decisions. I strongly believe all the answers are within us,” my mother says.

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