Jaipur, March, 2019.

Did you catch sudden cold, started sneezing; felt feverish or developed some allergies in recent weeks? Blame it on the changing weather! With the weather shifting towards warmer temperatures, doctors at Fortis Hospital, Jaipur say they are witnessing a spurt in incidence of seasonal ailments including migraine, cold, sore throat, and fever, among others.

Weather tends to have a strong impact on our overall health. This is illustrated by the fact that cases of heart attacks sore in extreme cold months while incidence of heat strokes rise in extreme summers. As temperature changes, it brings with it a shift in the types of active microbes in the environment, thereby inducing a number of health issues among people.

“In the past 2 weeks, seasonal allergies have been up by 15-20%. Cold, fever, allergies such as sinus inflammation are common illnesses witnessed during the seasonal change. The shift in weather increases the amount of allergic outdoor and indoor pollutants and provides a fertile ground for an entirely new set of microbes – viruses and bacteria — to thrive. People who are prone to respiratory problems are advised to remain extra cautious during this period of seasonal change. Similarly, people who have a history of migraine attacks are also advised to avoid potential triggers,” says Dr. Mukesh Sarna, Additional Director- Internal Medicine, Fortis Escorts Hospital, Jaipur.

It is particularly important for parents to ensure their children exercise caution during the seasonal change.It is important to understand that during this period while the days may become warmer, post sunset the chill returns and it may catch you or your child off guard.  It is important therefore to wear adequate clothes during the evening hours.The changing weather has been identified as the foremost trigger of migraines. In addition, weather change can also lead to discomfort in our sinuses, migraines or headaches in non-migraine sufferers. Itchy eyes, coughing are obvious symptoms of environmental allergies. In some people, these seasonal or environmental allergies may lead to full blown asthmatic attacks. It is therefore important for people with asthmatic conditions to consult the doctor immediately at the sign of first allergy symptoms.

As summers approach, people also need to ensure adequate hydration which is the key to healthy functioning of the body.

“People who have asthmatic conditions must be extra cautious during this time as a sudden shift in environmental allergens can cause a severe asthma attack. Even minor respiratory distress must be reported to a physician so that it doesn’t escalate into a full blown asthma attack. Increasing intake of water as weather changes, wearing adequate warm clothing while stepping out in the evening and sticking to home food are important elements that can keep you protected during seasonal change,” adds Dr. Sarna.