New Delhi, January 27, 2021.

Asian Paints, leading multinational paint and décor company, navigates a new reality by embracing the vision of digital India.

In the life of a traveler, quite rarely, there come milestones which are as beautiful as the destination itself. Asian Paints in the journey of propelling into a new trajectory, created a nonpareil plant. Asian Paints is on its own quest of mastering the ideal factory and ever-connected supply chain over a few decades now.

Asian Paints is the first in the paint industry to set up two mega plants in Mysuru and Visakhapatnamwith intelligence systems that will run with wire as well as wireless technologies. The built-in operational processes and efficiencies builds a strong learning platform for the workforce thereby helping them to upskill. The cutting-edge invention also promotes local sourcing to reduce imports and meets the vision of ‘Make in India’. Thus, with smart machines and innovative processes at these two plants, Asian Paints reinforces itself as a pioneering and responsible brand in the paint industry.

By leveraging technologies such as AR & VR and the principle of ‘byte-sized’ learning in every day operations, the company has eliminated routine activities through automation, unique material handling system, across the entire range of activities of the factory from unloading of raw materials and packaging materials to loading of the finished product.

The diverse workforce at both the plants in Mysore and Visakhapatnam are given specific training at the skill to get them accustomed to the hi-tech processes. These future-oriented engineers have gone through multiple upskilling initiatives created by a self-governed multi-model training to ensure that they are well-equipped to operate the modern and digitized processes at the plants.  The company believes that technology and innovation are fundamental pillars of future business strategies and has been continuously investing in technology enabled systems.

In addition to this, these plants have been built keeping sustainability in mind as a responsible organization.  The plants are designed with closed loop systems, process, equipment which works on optimal energy intensity, green power, trees which are self-reliant for reducing the water intensity, dense plantations like Akira Miyawaki method for better bio-diversity.

The Mysuru plant in Karnataka was commissioned in September 2018 with an initial capacity of 300,000 KL/annum, which can be scaled upto 600,000 KL/annum. The Visakhapatnam plant in Andhra Pradesh on the other hand was commissioned in January 2019 with an initial capacity of 300,000 KL/annum, scalable upto 500,000 KL/annum. The total investment for both the plants is about Rs. 2400 crores and together employ about 1200 people.

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