Asian PaintsWhere The Heart Is’ Season 5 presents Guru Randhawa’s bold and beautiful home

New Delhi, February 07, 2022.

Global music superstar and hit-maker, Guru Randhawa luxurious yet comfortable home, a true testament to his journey and success. His home is filled with warm spaces for relaxation and entertainment, as well as an eclectic mix of art and objects from around the world that adorn the walls. Every aspect of this house has been designed keeping in mind his artistic energy and vibrancy. Get a glimpse of Guru Randhawa—the person behind the glitz and glamour in the second episode of Season 5Asian Paints Where The Heart Is’.

Located in one of the quieter neighborhoods in Delhi, Guru’s home speaks of his taste in music and life. He talks fondly of his love for a steaming cup of tea that has been with him since his growing up years in Punjab. And no matter where he is in the world he is always eager to come back home because that is where he feels he gets the best vibe, energy and happiness. The warmth of his home is unparalleled to any other place in the world.

There’s bright colours everywhere, bold accents, confident choices in decor, and above all a very expressive streak that runs through every facet of his home.Guru’s home much like his life is surrounded by music: he’s composing lyrics and dreaming up tunes, whether on the commute or while in conversation with friends. With this in mind, it’s easy to see where the colours in his home comes from — it’s an extension of his willingness to express himself through art.Large paintings cover the walls, and there’s sculptures and objet d’art all over the house. Colour and texture come to life through an interplay of art and light. Split into multiple levels, there’s spaces for guests and private spaces for family.

In what is typically a very packed schedule, Guru loves his time at home, which gives him a chance to tune out the noise and focus on himself every once in a while. In the end, that’s what stays with you: his home, though colourful and full of life, has a quietness to it that is perceptible, an outcome of deliberate choices made by Guru.

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