Published On: Tue, Jul 14th, 2020

Award-Winning Restaurateur Vikas Solanki Launches BlogYep

Bengaluru, July 14, 2020.  

The global pandemic COVID-19 has caused shockwaves in the world economy. Businesses everywhere are on a risk management mode right now, many sold out or shut down already, and employees are getting laid-off. The world is in panic mode.

COVID-19 has especially affected those who are heavily dependent on a single source of income. Diversification of income sources has become exceptionally crucial for everybody.
In one of his speeches, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation, “we need to look at every problem as an opportunity. We have to make it a big turning point for creating a self-reliant India.” is born out of this very idea of looking at every problem as an opportunity and help people become self-reliant through blogging. BlogYep guides users on not only the process of starting a blog, but also on how to make money blogging to survive in the COVID-19 crises and beyond.
“Starting a blog is the safest option to create a secondary source of income right now as it does not demand massive investments and can help you become more self-reliant,” added Vikas.
“While it is easier said than done, given everything that is going on right now, we should focus on our passion and invest some time in creative activities like blogging for our own financial stability.”
“Cooking has been my passion since childhood, and inspired me to start a quick-service restaurant (Dum Square) in Aug 2019,” said Mr. Solanki.
Dum Square received two awards, “India’s Most Prominent Food and Hospitality Award 2019” from the celebrity Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, and “India Brand Icon 2020 Award” from the Miss Universe 2000, Mrs. Lara Bhupathi Dutta.
“Unfortunately, we decided to close it down as the hospitality industry stares at uncertainty due to the pandemic. Cutting losses is a part of making profits,” added Mr. Solanki.
One thousand people, including chefs, restaurateurs, and journalists, recently connected over a Zoom conference, hosted by the Basque Culinary Centre, to discuss the future of gastronomy: Only to find that no one has answers.
A steady source of income, working from home’s comforts, and free from typical work schedules, not worrying a lot about the Covid-19 and social distancing are just some of the benefits of blogging.
“A blog letsyou bring out your passion about a particular subject and lets you solve people’s problems, and at the same time, helps you make money in the process,”  added Vikas.
Vikas Solanki is the founder of With over 15 years of industry experience, he helps businesses grow their sales and revenue through inbound marketing.

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