Axis Direct, one of the fastest growing full-service bank-led retail brokerage in the country, today announced the launch of “India, Trade@20”, a game-changer and a prudent brokerage plan for the ever-increasing number of retail customers. This disruptive brokerage plan is beingoffered to the seasoned as well as the new age customers who aredesirous of trading in Equity and Equity Derivatives segmentand participate in the Indian Equity Market.

Effective start of the market hours today, April 1, 2019, the brand new prudent brokerage plan, “India, Trade@20” is offering retail investors a very unique and an attractive rate of flat INR 20 per executed buy or sell trade, of any value. “India, Trade@20” would translate into a huge cost saving for the retail investors. Axis Direct, with the launch of this planis expected to bring in alargely unexpected disruption, by becoming the first bank-led retail broker to now offer flat brokerage at a highly attractive rate for the price-sensitive retail investors.

Commenting on the launch of “India, Trade@20.”MrArun Thukral, MD & CEO, Axis Securities said, “We at Axis Direct believe in our core values and always endeavor to honor the trust that our customers have in Axis, as a brand. The dynamic broking industry is undergoing a robust growth phase. Increasing number of retail investors, particularly the millennial segment, is now recognizing the potential of equity as an attractive investment option. They are eager to participate in the market and are scouting for easy and affordable solutions. Our simple intuitive platform, superior products and comprehensive research, now combined with great pricing, will definitely serve as a value addition for all price-sensitive retail investors.” 

‘’The launch of “India, Trade@20” is a very attractive and a unique opportunity to bring in our synergies under ‘One Axis’ theme into play and leverage our vast experience across financial products to offer a truly memorable experience to our fledgling investor base.  We are confident that our new offering would bring about a disruption in the market and further strengthen our position as a full-service brokerage house. We are confident of further improving our market share, both in volume as well as the number of retail investors transacting with us,’’ Mr Thukral said.

‘’Large-scale Equity Inclusion across the country, through our countrywide distribution network of bank branches and own offices as also thorough new-age digital platforms, would happen only through innovative disruption and we are glad to have taken the first step to provide comprehensive full-bouquet of services to our retail investors,’’ Mr Thukraladded.

“India, Trade@20” is seen as a distinctly unique value proposition from a full service retail broker, Axis Direct, as the retail investors would reap in twin benefit – one, research ideas and recommendations from the award winning research house and two, the unique pricing, which will help retail investors make the most from equity market. With “India, Trade@20” Axis Direct is thus seen as bringing the best of both worlds together i.e. the trust of being a highly reputed bank-led broker and a brokerage rate which is as competitive as any other discount broker in the retail broking industry.  

“India, Trade@20”plan reinforces the overall ‘One Axis’ theme which is the parent company’s strategy to offer its customers a comprehensive offering under one umbrella. This plan is thus a great value proposition for the customers.

Proposition for Axis Bank customers:

‘India, Trade@20’, is launched for all the customers of Axis Direct who maintain an Average Quarterly Balance of INR 75,000 with Axis Bank. They can now start trading in equity and equity derivatives at a nominal fee of INR 20 per executed order.

Proposition for non – Axis Bank customers:

Non-Axis Bank customers can also seamlessly open a Trading and Demat account online and avail the benefits of ‘India, Trade@20’ at a nominal fee of INR 250 per month.

Axis Direct is the first bank led-broker which is providing a completely digitized Trading &Demat account opening experience to its customers.  Online Trading &Demat Account can now be opened with Axis Direct in 15 minutes.

Revolutionary ‘India, Trade@20’:

This revolutionary step is an endeavor by Axis Direct to further delight its customers through not only the best of products and platforms, but also a prudent brokerage plan. With this launch, Axis Direct takes another step in making its offerings more attractive both for the new age as well as seasoned investors.

Axis Direct, as one of the fastest-growing broking houses, is committed to help its clients create wealth through equity investments. Being at the forefront of innovation and technology adoption, Axis Direct constantly introduces solutions that make trading in equities and derivatives more efficient for its clients. Constant product innovation and extensive research insights have enabled Axis Direct to establish a strong customer base of over 2 million clients.

Any customer who wants to avail ‘India, Trade@20’ would need to visit Axis Direct’s website, open Trading &Demat account and start trading expeditiously without any hassles of physical documentation.