AXISCADES Technologies Ltd introduces WeCareEST

New Delhi, February 09, 2022.

AXISCADES Technologies Ltd. a leading end to end engineering and technology solution catering to the aerospace, defence, heavy engineering, automotive, energy, medical & healthcare sectors, has introduced Temperature Screening Solution based on elevated skin temperature branded as  WeCareEST. The system comprises a self-serving temperature measuring device, a Native App for device Management and Monitoring, and a Web app to access digital logs. This system is used to screen people for entry into offices, factories, schools, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and other public / private spaces based on temperature for incognito and optionally vaccination status for regular users.

WeCareEST is being developed to help manage people’s entry into premises, monitor temperature, optionally vaccination status, and use the digital logs for footfall analytics and attendance management for extended benefits. The system can be set to Incognito or regular user modes as per the needs of an enterprise/location. The regular mode can be accessed through Virtual ID, RFID, Face Recognition, and keypad and users can access scanned logs with timestamps. The Vaccination status feature enables enterprises to collect vaccination certificates of regular users and visitors and also monitors the vaccination status of its staff   This solution provides APIs to integrate with existing HRMS solutions as required.

WeCareEST solution is helping retail outlets and restaurants screen visiting customers for elevated temperature while the digital logs are used for footfall analytics. Offices and factories are using the device to screen employees, visitors, contractors, and the digital logs can be referenced for attendance, vaccination status, and audit requirements. Hospitals are using the device to segregate persons with elevated temperatures prior to entry into premises. Educational institutions are particularly leveraging the self-serving, auto-sense feature for quick screening of a large number of students.

WeCareEST is already making its mark in the industry and providing comprehensive screening solutions to leading retail, hospitality, healthcare, IT companies, Recreational clubs, and education players across India.

Commenting on the device Mr. Arun Krishnamurthi, MD & CEO, AXISCADES Technologies Ltd. said “The pandemic prompted corporates and communities to act and innovate to prevent the spread of the virus. The team at AXISCADESutilised our technology strengths to harness an innovative skillset to develop this indigenous contactless elevated temperature screening system. WeCareEST is a wireless, contactless, IoT-enabled, easy-to-use system designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by offering a quick accurate detection of elevated body temperatures. WeCareEST is one of our many products that align with the nation’s ‘Vocal for Local’ initiative and we intend to take forward this charge with our disrupting digital and embedded engineering space”.

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