26th March 2019, Jaipur : Bajaj Auto – leading manufacturer of three-wheelers, today announced the launch of Qute in the state of Rajasthan. The launch of Qute comes in line with the acceptance of the ‘Quadricycle’ as a new category from the government of Rajasthan.It will provide an urban mobility alternative to first and last mile transport in the state.

Quadricycle is a new category in India. A Quadricycle is a 4-wheel motor vehicle designed in response to evolving requirements of low running cost, eco-friendly and safe alternative to intra city commute by optimizing size, weight, speed.

Qute will prove to be an ideal solution for the mobility challenges of congestion and pollution arising from rapid urbanization. Launched in both Petrol and CNG variant, the Qute is powered by a light weight 216 cc 4-valve water-cooled DTSi engine with closed loop fuel injection system resulting in higher fuel efficiency of 35 kmpl (Petrol) and 43km/kg (CNG). Qute is low on maintenance cost which makes it suitable for daily commuting. It is easy to drive because of dash mounted sequential shift gears.

The smallest turning radius of 3.5m makes it easy to maneuver in city traffic and its small footprint helps in parking in tight spaces.

Qute also provides weather protection from sun and rain. Its 12-inch alloy wheels provide better road grip. High strength monocoque body makes the vehicle safer. Qute has enough storage space inspite of its small size. It’s also eco-friendly with at least 40% lower carbon emissions than any car.

Mr Rajiv Verma – General Manager, Intracity Business Unit, Bajaj Auto Ltd said, “We are delighted with the launch of Qute in Rajasthan. Apart from being an effective first and last mile transportation solution it will also provide employment to many in the state. Over the years, the Bajaj Intracity Vehicles have become a part of the social fabric of India and with Qute, we are now raising the bar and ushering in a new ecofriendly solution, which will hit a sweet spot in intra-city mobility between three-wheelers and cars.”

“Today there is an Urban Mobility Crisis because cars which are designed for intercity travel are being used for intracity travel causing congestion and vehicular pollution.  Requirement for intracity travel is a 4 wheeled vehicle which has significantly higher mileage, has low maintenance cost, is easy to drive and park, provides all weather protection to its occupants, is safe & spacious and low on CO2 emissions.Qute, the first Quadricycle of India, is the answer for intracity travel”

He further added,” We have created a capacity of 60,000 units per year for the Qute at our manufacturing facility in Aurangabad. We already export the vehicle to over 30 countries across Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe and have received an overwhelming response, and we are hoping to get a tremendous support for the Qute in Rajasthan as well.”

The Qute will be available in following 6 colors -Eco Green, Neptune Blue, Golden yellow, Arctic White, Bright Red and Jet Black.

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