Bausch+Lomb launches #AllEyesDream to push awareness for eye donations

New Delhi, February 10, 2022.

Kinnect, a part of the FCB India Group is India’s leading creative, data, and digital media powerhouse. It has recently launched an awareness campaign for Bausch+Lomb India to throw light on corneal transplants and urge audiences to sign up for eye donation. Named #AllEyesDream, the campaign is a window of hope for the visually disabled.

Bausch + Lomb, a leader in the eye care category, has reiterated methods and measures to ensure care for our vision through various online as well as offline campaigns. While in the past, its initiatives were widely associated with its primary audience of contact lens users, they wanted to target a part of the society that the brand hasn’t been able to cater to through its products – the visually disabled.

Identifying a lack of awareness around eye donation and observing that not many people come forward to donate the eyes of their deceased family members due to myths and false beliefs, the brand launched #AllEyesDream to urge people to sign up for eye donations. The campaign was launched during Christmas with a DVC that had dark visuals showcasing what celebrations looked like to visually impaired individuals. The film showcased the small moments of joy that visually disabled people have been missing out on and highlighted how we could help them see better with this initiative.

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