• October 23, 2021

Once again our children are at that stage of the Academic Session which is the final showtime!!! Yes, final exams, board exams. With it comes all the hustling around books, notes and also comes to the stress – exam stress. Exam stress affects most students in various ways. Managing this stress is crucial, and finding little ways to help reduce the risk caused due to psychological tension. So sharing some handy tips that can help relieve tension and make sure you get through the season of exams.

1. Break the study monotony.

Even the most rigorous timetables provide a little time for a break between the exams. This may include a 1-day gap during your exams to make you peaceful about the ghost of exams. Spend some time with friends, have dinner with family and not alone in your room with books around, listen to your favorite music, watch your favorite show, do something you like to do in your spare time that keeps your mind off exams. It will help you break the study monotony and leave you fresh and recharged.

2. Fresh up your mood in open air and exercise.

One of the most frustrating things about the exam the season is probably that it seems to happen just as the weather is brightening up. Use this to your benefit and go to the gym, or run, or go out for a walk in the mornings, let the fresh air enter your body, inhale the confidence and calm; and exhale out all the apprehensions, It is understood that exercise boosts your attitude and can help make you more efficient when revising.

3. You obey your mind.While debating topics with fellow students and often revisiting together is helpful, try not to equate the revision of other people with your own. Chances are you’re doing well, and listening to other people talking about what they’ve learned is just going to stress you out and may make you feel like you’re not doing like them. Furthermore, this can rub off on you if they are depressed themselves and the burden of other people isn’t what you need right now. 

4. Talk to somebody

If the tension reaches a point where it’s debilitating and affects your daily routine, try to talk about it to someone. Open up to a member of the family or a friend about the anxiety that you feel. You’ll be delighted to know you’re not alone in feeling this way. If that also seems too much and uncomfortable, start penning down your feelings, thoughts. Ask yourself how these thoughts, feelings can help you. Are they healthy for you? If not, replace them with healthy thoughts.

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