Beat the heat with these summer specials by Tim Hortons!


Jaipur, May 08, 2023.

Tim Hortons, Canada’s most beloved coffee chain, has over 50 years of coffee expertise. Tim Hortons is famous for its coffee – which is made from only 100% premium arabica beans – and its donuts & timbits which are crafted with care.

But, for those consumers who are looking to beat the summer heat, Tim Hortons India has launched their Summer Specials!

They’ve introduced refreshing coolers & delectable piadinas which are served cold.

Amongst the coolers, the first is Kaffir Lime & Passionfruit Cooler.
It is a blend of passionfruit puree and Kaffir Lime with a dash of lemon. This will be your escape to a tropical paradise full of sweet passion fruit and zesty lime flavours. To give you respite on a hot summer day, Tim Hortons also has the Kaffir Lime & Strawberry Cooler which is a refreshing blend of strawberry puree and kaffir lime shaken with ice and a dash of lemon.

In addition, the popular Citrus Yuzu Lemonade is a blend of tangy yuzu, shaken with ice. Yuzu is a fragrant citrus fruit that originates in South East Asian countries. It has sweet and tangy flavours that make every sip worth savouring.

Tim Hortons has also introduced new Piadinas as a part of their Summer Specials menu. The piadinas have flavorsome fillings like Smoked Chicken and Avocado with cream cheese. The Smoked Chicken Piadina & Avocado & Cream Cheese Piadina are served cold, to complement the coolers.