The dream of having the perfect wooden flooring in your home feels exciting but the fear of overzealous kids or enthusiastic pets has become a big problem restricting your flooring options. The solution is simple! Xylos a brand by Samling Global brings in the mesmerizing flooring innovation, called the Hybrid Flooring! 

Hybrid Flooring by Xylos is comprised of many unique layers including a UV coating and “wear layer” and is constructed with the perfect blend of limestone and polypropylene. The most exciting part is that it is highly water resistant making this the perfect solution to getting that beautiful flooring without the fear of spillage from your children or pets. The new innovation from Xylos is also termite resistant, fire resistant due to its core not being wood. This exquisite Hybrid flooring by Xylos is available in seven different shades including Oak and Hickory, making it a combination of style and functionality a definite winner.

Xylos will definitely give new hope to you to bring that panache into your homes without any compromise on utility or cost. Avail of this innovative new technology at an affordable pricing for fuss-free durable décor!

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