Best Psychiatrist in Jaipur for Men’s problems

Jaipur, May, 2020. Men are the rocking pillars of the family. It is very important for a man to keep   healthy physically and mentally. Though the anatomy of man has always been stronger than a woman, still there are few issues that can affect their wellbeing.

Jaipur, the pink city of India will have no more blues. You have the best psychiatrists near you to take care of all the mental  problems related to men. If you are suffering from depression, stress, or any sexual dysfunction related with mental problems then consult Dr Sanjay Jain, the psychiatrist in Jaipur for men’s problems.

Psychiatrist Sanjay Jain can treat many mental problems. The psychologist Sanjay Jain will first study your case and identify the symptoms and causes, and then accordingly chooses the best option to treat men’s problems. He also acknowledges the male patients about their  problem be it physical, sexual or mental and encourages them to become a part of the entire treatment process. He also allows the patient to know about all the side effects of the medicine.

Men’s Problems’  Treated by Psychiatrist In Jaipur

If you are from Jaipur or nearby places and want the services of an expert on resolving men’s issues then you must visit the best psychiatrist of Jaipur ,doctor Sanjay Jain. He is the best psychiatrist  of Jaipur as he has been working as a specialist for the past 14 years. Mental Illnesses (Schizophrenia, Depression, Dementia, etc) Sexual Problems (Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, Dhat, etc) and Treatment for Substance and abuse  Disorder and are all  treated at one mental clinic.

According to a recent study the causes of male mental problems is  because of sexual incompetence or pressure from their workplace.

Jain Neuropsychiatry clinic provides the best treatment for mental disorders in male. Dr Sanjay Jain provides the best treatment related to the mental issues in Jaipur. He has 13 years’ experience as a psychiatrist. He has worked on 5 international research projects in Singapore.

Dr. Sanjay Jain has done over 15 international research studies on various psychiatric disorders.

Symptoms of  Men’s problem


 A mental issue making you uncontrollably sad and negative in your thought process.


A psychological disorder when you uncontrollably desire for the particular thing like cleanliness or washing hands.


A mental  illness where male  ability to act, think, and feel gets affected.

Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety is again a mental disorder leading to distressing thoughts.

Social Phobia

A kind of anxiety experienced while socializing or meeting people.

Substance Abuse Disorder

An excessive and uncontrollable  use of substance or alcohol can also cause male problems.


A regular and varying intensity headache can also lead to mental issues in men.

Old Age psychiatry

 The problems like dementia, grumpiness and sleep problems can because of growing age in man.

Premature Ejaculation

When a man ejaculates way too early  or finds it difficult in holding his erection they relate it to the mental issues.


When a man accidentally ejaculates in the dream, he might be going through mental stress and in need of some expert to treat him.

Sexual Problems

Mental anxiety, stress depression may lead to many sexual Problems in men like low libido, dhat.

No one should neglect these symptoms. Sexual health is essential for everyone’s life. If they do not satisfy your partner, then it can lead to stress and can cause problems in the relationship.  Rather than feeling distressed or depressed about it, consult a psychiatrist

 If you have any of these symptoms in you, then you should consult the best sexologist/ psychiatrist for treatment. In Jaipur, psychiatrist Sanjay Jain is the best doctor with immense experience in this field. He is a participant of the Rajasthan medical council. He was part of many international research projects held on various disorders.

Around 21.15% of males in India were diagnosed with one or over one sexual disorder. Men with erectile dysfunction are 15.77%, 2.56% were diagnosed with male hypoactive sexual desire disorder(HSDD), and premature ejaculation was found in 8.76% in the males.

Psychiatrist in Jaipur’s Treatment of Men’s problem

The first thing that comes in the mind of people when they think of going to a doctor is privacy. Many times men hesitate while talking about their mental problems. Because everyone wants their private information to be secured, and that’s the best thing about Dr Sanjay Jain as his main concern is about the privacy of the patient’s information. He wants all his male patients to feel safe while talking about their private problems.

If you want the services of the best psychiatrist of Jaipur, then you must visit specialist of a mental problem, Dr ,Sanjay Jain.

There are many types of treatment available for Men’s problems. Some of them provided by the psychiatrist in Jaipur  are:

  • Medication
  • Mechanical aids
  • Sex therapy
  • Behavioral treatments
  • Psychotherapy
  • Education and communication

Dr Sanjay Jain ensures that all the discussions are planned and well scheduled  with his male patients. He maintains the utmost Privacy of his patients and maintains confidentiality throughout the treatment.

He is a well-qualified doctor in Jaipur providing high-class psychiatric treatments in a most advanced and traditional way.