New Delhi, November 05, 2020.

Big Boy Toyz, premium pre-owned Cars Company is emerging as a major leader in the digital space for the Indian automobile Industry. Apart from providing their consumers with the first ever 360 degree virtual tour of their Headquarters on their website and their recently launched app, Big Boy Toyz has also introduced on their website a section of housing all information about vehicles available not only in India but also globally for all car lovers – . With this initiative Big Boy Toyz has put them on the global map. A one stop shop for all auto enthusiasts across the world, Big Boy Toyz is the ultimate vehicles go to guide.

This new segment in the website shall ensure that all the luxury automobile brands along with the Hypercar brand all around the world are available in the website for educating the consumers. The 221+ features list of every car is listed on the New Car Portal – , this segment provided quick variant comparison of every product offered by every manufacture listed on the portal. There is also available automated recommendation for segment comparison. All the Hypercar Brand (Bugatti, Pagani, koenigsegg etc.) is being introduced under one platform for the knowledge of the global consumer for the very first for the Indian content seekers and car enthusiasts as well. All the Hypercar are listed with INR prices with inclusive of import duties (225%). The initiative provides the opportunity to check and compare the On-road price with respect to different sates of India. The segment also has customized set of filter page.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Jatin Ahuja, Founder & CEO, Big Boy Toyz stated “This new addition to the Big Boy Toyz website will work in sync with luxury Indian automobile industry- thus ensuring BBT brings together the Global Automotive industry and the global auto enthusiasts on one platform. This revolutionary step on their 11th anniversary has pinned BBT in the global auto industry sphere as it showcases how the Indian pre-owned industry has emerged as an organized technologically sound sector with a major player like BBT leading the way. Every step that we take at Big Boy Toyz is done keeping the consumer satisfaction in mind. The auto industry is going through a change, and we know that change is the only constant. As a young team we are eager to evolve and grow, but we ensure that quality is the foremost priority, followed by experiential marketing – be it via showroom tour or via virtual tour of our website & the BBT App.”