Published On: Fri, Oct 11th, 2019

Bionik Gold Knee- A New Lease of Life for Young Arthritis Patients

BANGALORE, 12 October, 2019: Meril’s, innovative technology called Opulent Bionik Gold Knee is a new ray of hope for young patients of arthritis, who want to enjoy an active life for the extended term. Its prominent flexion and surface strength facilitate patients to do activities such as squatting; climbing stairs with great comfort and also ensures longevity

There are more than 100 forms of arthritis; the most widespread form is osteoarthritis. It is a joint disease that causes the cushion layer of cartilage covering the end of bones to wear away. It is also called degenerative joint disease. Osteoarthritis in the knee begins with the gradual deterioration of cartilage. Without the protective cartilage, the bones begin to rub together, causing pain, loss of mobility, and deformity.

However, it is no more a symptom of ‘getting old’ but a degenerative disease of the joints that is not necessarily a part of the ageing process. People in their mid 40’s are affected with this problem. Routine activities such as climbing stairs, walking, and even getting in or out of the bed becomes a herculean task for them. This inability to perform fundamental thing makes people feel old, even when they are in their prime stage of life. It might also result in depression, disturbing the mental health of an individual.

“Arthritis is not confined to old age anymore as a lot of patients in their prime age of late 40s or’ the 50s are unable to do daily chores of their life with ease. However, presently a lot of them prefer to undergo a knee implant even at the age of 50. This Bionik Gold Knee helps in overcoming arthritis at an initial stage of the disease and they return to their active lifestyle. The longevity and flexibility of this implant make it the most effective solution to ensure a long-lasting active life,” said Dr J V Srinivas is an Orthopaedist at Aster RV Hospital, who uses Bionik Gold Knee in Bangalore.

Knee Replacement Surgery is a perfect treatment, for this problem when all other means such as physiotherapy and medication does not help enough. With the advancement of science and technology, this Opulent Bionik Gold Implant is more advanced as its significant flexion allows patients to do squatting, climbing stairs, etc. very easily. Its very surfaces strength of the implant ensures extremely less damage and more load-bearing which leads to better longevity. The special coating of the implant done with a patented PVD technology ensures a very smooth interface between the knee systems. It has superior biocompatibility, which provides high acceptance of the implant in the body due to the inert metallurgy reducing the chances of allergic reactions. With the help of improved research and development, these implants are being manufactured which suit bone requirement of the local population. It also allows the surgeons to preserve as much as the original bone is possible and create a replica of the original joint.

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