Cairn Oil & Gas completes 10 years of Bhagyam field operations

New Delhi, 03 March 2022.

Cairn Oil & Gas, India’s largest private oil and gas exploration and production company, has completed 10 years of prolific operations from its Bhagyam field situated in the Barmerdistrictz of western Rajasthan. Discovered in 2004 and put into production in 2012, Bhagyam is part of the MBA (Mangala Bhagyam Aishwarya) trinity and is the company’s second-largest oilfield after Mangala. The combined Rajasthan block today contributes over a quarter to India’s domestic production. Cairn has also recently joined hands with international technology provider Baker Hughes to enhance recovery from Bhagyam field and increase its recoverable reserve to 250 million barrels of oil equivalent (mboe).

Speaking on the occasion, Prachur  Sah, Deputy CEO, Cairn Oil & Gas, said, “Currently 90% of the country’s domestic production is coming from old and ageing oil fields. For this, there is a need to lay greater emphasis on increasing recovery and production from existing fields by encouraging investment in the most advanced technologies. Bhagyam field has surpassed expectations and produced more than 62 million barrels of oil, to date. It has been consistently contributing to India’s domestic energy basket – and will continue to add as Cairn moves towards achievingits endeavour of contributing 50% towards the country’s own crude production.”

Bhagyam field has been a hub of innovation which has enabled it to produce over 62 mboe, to date. Now, the recent technology partnership with Baker Hughes is promising to take the field towards 250 mboe production. Additionally, Bhagyam is also home to several growth projects including the Bhagyam Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) project and BPWRI capacity augmentation 20KBLPD to 40KBLPD. The field also achieved key projects like polymer injection 85KBPD and 8MW EDG set-up for the monsoons. Further, the common vision of innovation through ‘Only Safe Production’ at Bhagyam has been recognised by the British Safety Council Certification Awards in 2021.

Cairn Oil & Gas will continue to work towards fulfilling the vision of contributing 50% towards India’s crude oil production through current projects atBhagyam’s14 infill wells, NI-NE development and 7MW GEG set-up at well pads. Being the second-largest largest oil discovery in Cairn’s Rajasthan block, Bhagyam remains a benchmark for ageing fields that can bring gains with consistent investment and technology deployment. The field furthers the company’s commitment to exploring, discovering, and producing more oil to support India’s growth.

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