Jaipur, 16 June 2021.

Cairn Oil & Gas, Vedanta Limited, India’s largest private oil and gas exploration and production company, has completed eight years of prolific production from its Aishwarya oil field situated in Barmer, Rajasthan. Aishwariya is the sister field to Cairn’s largest discovery in the region, Mangala, and has contributed significantly to Cairn’s production with an estimated 54 million barrels of crude oil produced till date.

The prolific nature of Aishwariya had become apparent when the field reached the production milestone of 10 million barrels of crude oil within a year and a half of start of production. Coupled with the hard work and dedication of the Cairn Oil & Gas team, the asset has contributed to domestic production of crude in the country.

Speaking on the occasion, Prachur Sah, Deputy CEO, Cairn Oil & Gas, said, “This milestone is a result of our efforts that have accelerated growth plans, enabling safer oil production to put India on the path to energy security. The economic and social impact of oil production from Rajasthan has been immense and Aishwariya has been an integral part of this growth journey. I’m confident that we will continue to deliver ‘Only Safe Production’ with focused efforts and commitment as we march ahead in our organizational vision to achieve 50% of India’s crude production.”

Gautam Reddy, Managing Director, India and Bangladesh, Schlumberger, said,“Schlumberger thanks Vedanta for the opportunity to work together as growth partners to achieve Vedanta’s vision to produce 50% of India’s oil and gas. The NA-01 Surface Facility project has been a challenging, yet fulfilling journey. Amongst the many achievements on this project, the one I am most proud of, is the safety record of zero LTIs over 3+ million man hours, including during the testing COVID times. This wouldn’t have been possible without the safety culture, strong focus and collaboration that exists between the Vedanta & Schlumberger teams.”

Recently, execution of various new growth projects has started in Aishwariya field. The Polymer Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) project has resulted in ~25% increase in production. Also, a new processing facility, NA-01 is commissioned as a part of Aishwariya Barmer Hill Development, which is currently handling total liquid of ~35,000 barrels of liquid per day (blpd) with ~10,000 barrels of oil per day (bopd) and has a capacity of handling total liquid of ~100,000 blpd with minor upgrades.This has paved the way for future development plans for Aishwariya and Aishwariya Barmer Hill.

The asset milestone marks the culmination of collective and unwavering efforts of the entire team of Cairn despite numerous challenges and constraints including the unprecedent COVID-19 pandemic. Cairn’s operations at the Rajasthan block holds significant national importance. The block has contributed a cumulative $18.0 billion to the nation and state exchequers. The application of world-class technology and digitalization has helped maintain business continuity and safe operations, even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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