• October 26, 2021

Celebrated since ancient times, Holi has historically represented the end of winter and the start of Spring. The ‘festival of colors’ is celebrated with loved ones by applying colors, relishing succulent delicacies and creating large community bonfires. It represents the final victory of good over evil and is a festival that welcomes all.  

MrOwl, allows people to celebrate Holi and connect with people over ideas, common interests, and through other mutual friends. Users build public or private collections, called branches, organized with subtopics, links, documents, and different types of media. These collections are great for organizing, interacting, and collaborating. Each topic also has whole communities built around them, so you can always find and interact with people from around the world about the content that you are interested in.

MrOwl user Priya Singh has created a very popular MrOwl branch aptly called “Holi Festival” (URL: https://www.mrowl.com/user/priyalove/holi_festival). It has become quite popular and has been shared by many users. Priya’s branch contains sub-topics such as the history of Holi Powder (Gulal), delicious recipes, rituals, and much more. One of the more interesting aspects to discover is the regional celebrations section (URL: https://www.mrowl.com/user/priyalove/holi_festival/3_regional_celebrations) that covers interesting ways to celebrate Holi from across the country. These include Basant Utsav & Dol Jatra, Hola Mohalla Holi, Khadi Holi, Lathmar Holi, Manjal Kuli, Phaguwa, Rang Panchami, Royal Holi, Shigmo and Yaosang. There is just so much to learn more about the festival and even more to celebrate. 

MrOwl also contains interesting resources that are hand-picked and chosen by the overall community by otherusers. It is a great place to start looking for your favorite topics, including Holi. Just to illustrate, you can even search for Holi recipes that not only make your festival colorful but also delicious as well  (URL: https://www.mrowl.com/user/priyalove/holi_festival/holirecipes).

Arvind Raichur, CEO, and Co-Founder of MrOwl said, “Holi has transformed from a historical festival solely celebrated in India to becoming a popular festival across the globe celebrated by regions with significant communities from the Indian diaspora. MrOwl wishes everyone a happy and peaceful Holi festival and we hope that you will be able to celebrate by connecting and sharing the things you love with friends and family.” 

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