• September 27, 2021

Mumbai, February 19, 2021.

Known for its heritage and top notch fabrics, Italian Luxury brand,Moda Biella is all set to launch its Summer 2021 collection. A revered brand in Italy, it is known for producing a remarkable array of beautiful superfine cloths, and this collection will consist of cloths that are colorful, well designed, robust and comfortable.

Moda Biella’s fabrics are meticulously woven using lustrous natural fibers, featuring merino fabrics and luxury worsteds in exotic wool blends, with finer micron, finer quality, better handle and drape than before. The brand’s wool comes from the Merino sheep in Australia, New Zealand or Tasmania.

Woollen fabrics are attributed to be worn in winters and keep oneself warm during the season. However, there is a huge misnomer that wool is a fabric only suitable for winters. Wool is known to be an insulatorand therefore keeps you warm in the winters while also being breathable in the summers. It’s one of the rare natural fibres that have this trait.

After a thorough process of research and forecasting, the designers at Moda Biella, curated the Summer 2021 collection keeping in mind the celebrated and auspicious wedding season, with fabrics that are lighter, more breathable and more versatile fabrics.

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