Jaipur, 7 June, 2021.

Dettol, India’s most trusted germ protection brand, launched a one-of-its-kind campaign,#DettolSalutes today. For the first time in its history Dettol, as a tribute to Covid-19 warriors replaced its iconic logo with an image of a Covid protector along with the ‘protector’s’ inspiring story.

Dettol has curated 100 such stories from across India and carried them on itsliquid handwash packs in honor of the protectors who have selflessly helped numerous people. In addition, Dettol has also launched a website-www.DettolSalutes.com. This platform is created especially for people from across India to share stories and acknowledge Covid protectors in theirmidst by creating customized virtual packs and sharing it on their social media channels.

Commenting on the #DettolSalutes campaign, Dilen Gandhi, Regional Marketing Director, South Asia – Health & Nutrition, Reckitt said, “True to Dettol’s legacy of being a protector, #DettolSalutesis our way of paying tribute to the many other protectors in the country. We believe these stories when shared, give a sense of much needed optimism among those seeing them. Therefore, as a brand, we have for the first time in Dettol’s history, given up our logo to share their actions. As the packs carry these stories, we believe they will also carry a message of hope across our country.”

One such story is of Manveer Singh, a 31-year-old resident of Jaipur. He stepped forward to provide meals twice a day to around 60 people every day, free of cost. At a time when the entire nation was battling the virus, and people were requesting to see COVID positive reports of patients before providing them food, Manveer’s ‘Langar Seva’ was open to each and everyone. Bearing the entire cost of preparing these meals, he would feed a COVID positive family for the entire 14 days of their recovery. Risking his life, he went to deliver the meals at their doorstep, ensuring no one in the family slept hungry. This service did not come easy for him. He had to be isolated from his 4-month-old daughter for days, when he was trying to reach out to the vulnerable communities.

Interestingly, impressed by Manveer’s efforts, some good samaritans contributed funds for his work and he used the entire amount to buy ration for an orphanage in Jaipur that was struggling to cook food for the 30 children who stayed there.

There is a diverse and inclusive mix of hand-picked stories of individuals from across India – ranging from metros to smaller cities, from seniors to the youth and covering all regions. The intent is to cover a wide spectrum, thereby striking a personal chord with people from across the country. With the change in brand packaging and replacing its logo, Dettol aims to reach out to its consumers and show its solidarity by instilling a sense of hope to get through this phase.

Dettol as a part of the #DettolSalutes campaign launched an anthem last week to spread the message of hope and resolve during these tough times. Keeping in line with reaching out to a diverse audience, Dettol has also launched its anthem in sign language to make it more inclusive. This is the first time that Dettol will be showcasing an ASL advertisement on national television. With the anthem, Dettol aims to reiterate the importance of following Covid protocols including maintaining good hand hygiene.

The 4 million #DettolSalute packs will be available on e-commerce channels and across 500,000 stores in India from the 3rd week of June.