Cycle Pure Launches ‘VideoKart

Bengaluru, January 27, 2022.

Since its inception in 1948, Cycle Pure Agarbathi, India’s most preferred home worship brand, has set the bar for innovation in the prayer segment. In response to the pandemic, the innovation team at Cycle Pure has launched ‘videokart’ – videos that the viewer can click on and simply ‘add to cart’ the items seen on screen. 

Cycle ‘videokart’ is a creative and safe solution for our consumers and partners to view and shop our comprehensive range of nature friendly Puja products, in an interesting, interactive and memorable manner. 

Speaking about the newly launched video, titled ‘Pure by Nature’, Mr. Arjun Ranga, Managing Director, says, “When it comes to the making of our Puja products (and even our films) we’re quite obsessive with the details and the output. While we don’t usually talk about it, here’s an exception. It is astonishing to see what went into the making of our latest film and tech innovation that led to the creation of videokart – the world’s first interactive E-commerce video for Puja products: 12 months in the making. 176 hours of shooting. 9 TB footage. 9 Miniature Landscapes. 5 Unique installations. 5 Unique Arrangements. Obsessive detailing. A divine track composed to the words of a 9th century saint poet. All mixed with countless cups of tea, coffee, and endless experimenting, editing and improvising. The result? 1 divine shopping experience for our customers.” 

Cycle videokart is a unique experience that is sure to connect with the present-day devotees who are screen savvy and shop online for Puja products. The brand’s message of “connect to the divine” just acquired a whole new dimension with this innovation. 

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