Jaipur, 23 December 2021.

Sugar.fit, a Healthtech startup that seeks to prevent, manage, and reverse diabetes, announced the launch of its platform in Jaipur. Customers in Jaipur can now access its highly differentiated services comprising trained lifestyle coaches, technology-backed insights, and medical experts in a single platform to take a step towards reversing prediabetes and Type 2 diabetes.  

Sugar.fit comes with a strong technology background which sets its product apart in the chronic healthcare management market. Fully equipped with data-driven insights, empathetic and deeply personalised coaching, and a holistic approach to diabetes management, the product can help scores of people reverse prediabetes or Type 2 diabetes in manner that is sustainable. 

Backed by Curefit, Endiya Partners, and Tanglin Venture Partners, the startup usescontinuous glucose monitoring technology (CGM), to enable users to see real-time effects of different food and lifestyle activities on their blood sugar levels. Sugar.fit’s comprehensive program also combines healthcare professionals with in-depth technologies such as coaching, personalized analysis, testing, and integrated devices.

Speaking on the launch, Madan Somasundaram, Co-founder, Sugar.fit. said,“Complications from diabetes cause one in 20 deaths in India, and existing treatments do not solve the root cause of the disease. There is a need to help people in India better manage the diseases in their quest to lead healthier lives. To be part of a much-needed solution, Sugar.fit is on a mission to provide innovative tech-led solutions to customers, giving real-time tracking and hands-on personalised assistance. Our progress so far has helped thousands of customersreduce their dependence on medication and lead better lives. Thanks to the response we have received from other cities, we are very hopeful that our unique approach will also help people in Jaipur to manage their diabetes and reverse it in time.”

Dr Chhavi Mehra, Chief Medical Officer at Sugar.fit said: “Having worked with innumerable diabetes cases spanning my career, the advent of technology to manage this condition is truly a game-changer. There is a serious requirement from patients to manage diabetes in a consistent manner that will help them gradually lead a more fulfilling life. Following traditional means may be tricky to achieve diabetes reversal. A platform like Sugar.fit, which relies on a novel tech-backed approach that patients can easily comprehend and guides them via licensed professionals every step of the way, can positively improve the lives of many diabetics in India and create better advancements in treatment and management of diabetes.”

Sugar.fit is currently operational in Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Indore, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi NCR, Kolkata, and Pune. The company plans on expanding to more cities over the next few months. For more information on Sugar.fit, visit: https://www.sugarfit.com/