DigiBoxx launches game-changing Gmail Add-On for seamless File Management

New Delhi, June 21, 2024.

DigiBoxx, India’s first digital SaaS-based cloud storage platform, is excited to announce the launch of its innovative ‘DigiBoxx for Gmail’ add-on. This powerful tool is designed to provide users with a seamless workflow experience, enabling them to manage their DigiBoxx files and folders directly from their Gmail inbox. Whether users are sharing files, handling permissions, or storing attachments, this add-on streamlines the process and increases output.

With the new DigiBoxx for Gmail add-on, which is available for all DigiBoxx premium customers, users can save email attachments directly to DigiBoxx, reducing inbox clutter and ensuring that important files are stored securely and efficiently. Users can now share files and folders directly from Gmail, simplifying the process of collaboration with colleagues and clients.

Speaking about this new feature Arnab Mitra, CEO, DigiBoxx, said, “We are excited to introduce the DigiBoxx Gmail add-on, a tool designed to streamline file management and boost productivity for our users. With this new feature, our goal is to provide seamless integration and an enhanced user experience, making it easier for individuals and organizations to manage their digital assets securely and efficiently. At DigiBoxx we are continuously striving to create innovative, affordable and highly scalable products that cater to the needs of individuals, freelancers, gig workers, small businesses and enterprises. Our products and solutions are easily integrable with various devices and partners using software tailored to the Indian audience. Our innovative technology unifies data management, facilitating seamless access and sharing while prioritizing security and accessibility for users across the nation.”

The DigiBoxx for Gmail add-on can be installed from the Google Workspace Marketplace. It is designed to completely transform file management for consumers by providing unprecedented efficiency and simplicity. The feature eliminates the need to switch between applications, making teamwork more efficient than ever. For organizational deployment administrators can deploy the add-on across their entire organization, ensuring that all team members benefit from consistent and efficient file management practices.