• October 28, 2021

New Delhi, 15th November 2019 : India’s largest dining out and restaurant tech solutions company, Dineout ambushed unsuspecting diners & party-goers with ghosts of bills. At the end of the night, these real ghost bills became blessings in disguise and helped them save big with Dineout’s exclusive offers & promotions, and made this year’s Halloween a memorable one for hundreds across Delhi NCR.

Conceptualized by Animal, this spooky act was a part of Dineout’s on-going #FearNoBill campaign that gave an all-too-real face to the horror of an inflated bill after a fun night out. The inaugural leg of the campaign launched earlier this year in June personified Jim Sarbh as the exorbitant bill that diners were scared of at the end of every night until Dineout ruined it for him by making it an affordable affair. 

Speaking on the insights that led to the campaign, Ankit Mehrotra, Co-Founder and CEO, Dineout said, “At Dineout, we aspire to be the secret recipe behind the most eventful dining out experiences across India. Unfortunately, the innate fear of an exorbitant bill burning a hole in our pockets is often the only thing that stops us from making the most of these experiences and having a great time. Our #FearNoBill campaign draws on this collective fear to assure every Indian that Dineout will be the custodian of incredible savings every time they go out – there’s no trick to this treat!”

“Disruptive is easier said than done. Halloween is still new to us culturally, and we saw an opportunity there to bring our campaign alive in very literal ways. Already, FearNoBill had resonated thanks to its core insight, and we doubled down in a fun, unexpected way. The timing and the concept went hand in hand for the film, and we’re truly stoked that we got as many genuine scares and reactions as it did.” Founder & Creative Director at Animal – Kunel Gaur said.

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