One thing that distinguishes Holi from the other festivals is that, unlike other festivals, people tend to keep it casual on Holi. Since women want to keep their look as subtle and simple as possible, small earrings are the most common choice for this Holi.

Keeping women’s requirements in mind for Holi, DishiS is coming up with a new collection of light, small earrings that would match your Holi look excellently. “Women of today require minimalistic jewellery, especially on the occasion of Holi, which perfectly explains the escalated demand for small earrings,” said Dishi Somani, Director of Dishis Designer Jewellery.

Small jhumkis, lightweight hoops, studded tops, oxidized small earrings are some of the aptest choices for Holi. 

Besides Holi, women also require minimalist jewellery for various occasions like business meetings, daily office wear, etc. This does not restrict this collection’s use to a single event.

Dishi Somani says, “We are launching this collection to fulfill the major requirements of women, which are to have lightweight and small earrings which go well with their outfits and give a subtle look. These earrings are decent enough and apart from Holi can be worn for any light occasion.”