PUBG MOBILE has just launched their 0.18.0 update which we have all been eagerly waiting for. While updates are always exciting, for their new and improved features, this time there was a lot to look forward to with Mad Miramar, The Bluehole Mode, exciting new weapons and much more!

One of the most popular inclusions from Update 1.18.0 is the new game mode Bluehole Mode, taking place on Erangel. The mode has introduced a new anti-camping mechanic that could significantly rebalance the PUBG Mobile ecosystem.

In Bluehole Mode there are two zones, one within the larger zone, and players inside this smaller zone risk damage. This mode increases the spawn rate, and the last team standing will win the Chicken Dinner.

The inner zone is the newest addition to the map. If you go inside the inner blue zone, you will suffer the same damage as you faced in the outer zone. You always need to stay outside the inner circle but inside the outer circle, until the blue zone becomes the next safe zone.

The advantage of this zone is that all the players already know where the next zone will be formed which means the current blue circle will become the next safe zone, following which another blue circle will be formed inside it and so on as the game progresses. Every squad will get the same time to enter the zone and battle each other out.

All supplies will rise by 50% in the Classic Mode Erangel map and players can now revive their teammates within 4 seconds. Another thing to keep in mind is that the blue zone is now inside the outer region due to which the battle area has become smaller in size.


May the best gun win, and may you get the best gun is the first rule in our rule book. The Bluehole mode has a one of a kind gameplay experience of a second interior zone. This gives us the opportunity to see which places on the map are safe and where danger could be hiding out. 

Take advantage of the Erangel map to choose weapons that can go long! 

Guns to look out for are the AWM, DP-28, M249, M416 and LMGs because of their long and mid-range extensivity. 


The Bluehole Mode challenges players with a second zone that risks damage. This has been specifically designed to tackle players that camp out while active players risk their lives by being on the move.

But this does not have to be a roadblock and you can use this to your benefit. Begin by navigating the borders of the second zone to take out the opportunistic looters. You can also avoid taking free damage from the second zone as it makes you vulnerable to being picked off.

Players that approach the second zone for loot will often use vehicles to keep damage to the bare minimum. Players who are just skirting the zone can consider these vehicles free kills as opponents need to escape the zone. You will have a clear division between your opponents and safety which is a simple trade off, even if the loot is not easily accessible.