National, January 18, 2021.

Sleeping on a mattress that is scientifically designed to support your body and give a deep beneficial sleep experience is one of the best things you can do for your health.  Even with a rise in awareness about health and hygiene when it comes to mattresses, buying poorly designed unbranded mattress continues to be a prevalent habit.To create much needed awareness about this,leading sleep solutions brand Duroflex,has teamed up with OTT superstar and renowned theatre actor Pratik Gandhito create a video that shines a bold spotlight on the merits of sleeping on a research backed branded mattress.

In the video, Pratik recounts his experience while shopping for a mattress highlighting how consumers are often persuaded to buy into anunbranded mattress through many persuasive techniques making otherwise discerning consumers throw caution to the wind. Pratik then goes on to talk about how he has benefited from buying a mattress from Duroflex’sDuropedicrange, which is India’s only doctor recommended orthopedic mattress.  Hereminds people that how a Duroflex mattress is not only scientifically engineered but also uses the highest quality materials and is made in a state-of-the-art facility with proper sanitization measures.

Sitting in awkward positions while working from home, doing household chores and other day-to-day activities can take a toll on one’s spine resulting in back problems. Yet many people don’t pay attention to that and opt for an unbranded mattress to save money. Many sales people also steer consumers away from buying what’s best without realizing that an unbranded mattress can have dramatic effects on your body and in the long term is a very poor investment.

But witha branded, scientifically engineered Duropedic range, you get a genuine solution to address all back problems. Trusted and recommended by doctors at the National Health Academy, it provides the best care and restorative support for your back to give a deeply restful and good night’s sleep. It has an advanced 5 zoned orthopaedic layer which is exclusive to Duroflex and provides differentiated support for the 5 zones of the body resulting in optimum body alignment. Along with that, the advanced orthopedic mattress is sanitized and shipped straight to the consumers’ doorstep.

Speaking about the association, Smita Murarka, Vice President – Marketing & E-Commerce, Duroflex said, “Buying unbranded mattresses is a widespread cultural behaviour in this category. Often consumers are persuaded against their own self-interest to buy unbranded mattresses for short term benefits like price. As a brand committed to helping India sleep better, we want to educate people about the long-term detrimental effects of sleeping on an unbranded mattress for health and hygiene. We want to bust the many myths associated with unbranded buying and create awareness about the fact that branded mattresses are research backed and scientifically engineered with the help of experts to provide unparalleled comfort, support, a rich sleep experience and ultimately great health. Pratik who experienced the benefits of using our product echoed the same ideology resulting in this meaningful collaboration.”

Commenting on the association, actor Pratik Gandhi, stated, “Being an actor involves attending hectic and erratic shoot schedules, which takes a huge toll on my body and mind. This can invariably affect my health and performance.So you can imagine how imperative good, quality and well rested sleep is for me and for my immunity. With Duroflex’sDuropedic mattress, I come home to a genuine orthopedic mattress from a trusted brand that ensures I wake up fresh and healthy to deliver peak performance. By partnering with Duroflex I want to encourage people to avoid using an unbranded mattress and spread awareness about the importance of investing in a high quality branded mattress like Duroflex’sDuropedicrange for a healthy sleep.”

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