New Delhi, December, 2020.

 Sitting in awkward positions while working from home, doing household chores and other day-to-day activities can take a toll on one’s spine resulting in back problems. In order tokeep our spine strong to respondeffeciently to any challenging situation, leading sleep solutions brand Duroflex has launched LiveInDuropedic – their signature Duropedicrange and India’s only doctor recommended orthopedic mattressis now available in smartroll-packs that can be delivered straight to consumer homes in a box.

The scientifically engineeredDuropedic range is the perfect solution to address all back problems. Trusted and recommended by doctors at the National Health Academy, it provides the best care and restorative support for your back to give a deeply restful and good night’s sleep. It has an advanced 5 zoned orthopaedic layer which is exclusive to Duroflex and provides differentiated support for the 5 zones of the body resulting in optimum body alignment.

With the vaccum packed LiveInDuropedicrange, Duroflex bringstheir advanced orthopedic mattresscompressed, rolled and shipped straight to consumers’ doorstep in a box that is easy to maneuver into the house or apartment. Apart from offeringadvanced back support, the mattress comes with the brand’s special Triple Anti Microbial Fabric that gives protection from harmful bacteria, fungi and dust mites at the same time.

Speaking on the launch of LiveInDuropedic,SmitaMurarka, Vice President – Marketing & E-Commerce, Duroflex said,With LiveInDuropedic mattress, we are strengthening our product portfolio online and catering to the digital first, mobile millennials. Our research show that back ailments are on the rise among this audience due to lifestyle habits, stress and mounting work pressure. There is a growing need for a genuine orthopedic mattress from a trusted brand. LiveInDuropedic is designed to provide the perfect back support at great value. It is easy to order and fun to unbox and comes with the convenience of a 100 Nights Free Trial.”