Emotional and Mental Wellness Startup LISSUN launches its presence in Kota city by hosting an Emotional Wellness Camp at Career Point University in Kota


Kota, February 2023.

LISSUN, a mental wellness startup, launched its operations in Kota, Rajasthan today by hosting an Emotional Wellness Camp at Career Point University in Kota – widely regarded as a hub for engineering and medical exam preparation. The mental health awareness campaign is part of Career Point University’s social initiative, “RAHEN” to reduce stress and enhance students’ emotional well-being. LISSUN is present in more than 25+ cities in India and Kota is the latest city where it is starting its operations.

The workshop led by experts from LISSUN was open to all Kota students, and more than 500 students attended the seminar at the CP Auditorium, CP Tower-2, Road No. 1, Kota. Dr. Krishna Veer Singh, Director & Co-Founder, LISSUN delivered the keynote.

Dr.Preeti Singh, Chief Medical Officer at LISSUN, also mentored students on how they can be in a healthy mind space and touched upon the key things to deal with their pressure and enhance their academic performance.


  • Find a safe space to talk about your emotions and problems
  • Learn skills to better prepare for exams
  • Effectively deal with stress
  • Minimize distractions and enhance your attention & concentration
  • Ways to deal with procrastination
  • Understand your personality pattern and stress levels.


Dr. Krishna Veer Singh- Director & Co-Founder of LISSUN in his inaugural address said “that most of the emotional turmoil attributed to students’ life is due to the multiple obligations and responsibilities they have to undertake. Adolescence and the formative years of adulthood are exhilarating times in life as several changes occur, such as changing schools, living independently, entering college, or taking a new job. However, this can also be a time of frustration and anxiety. In certain cases, if these feelings are not recognized and managed, they can cause severe depression. Stress management, therefore, is an art, and one has to learn how to handle setbacks in life.”


“Given the increase in self-harm tendencies in students, we are happy to have LISSUN’s team of mental and emotional experts to assist Kota’s young students in learning practical stress management strategies and techniques to improve their overall well-being as well as to gain confidence to live a prosperous life. This initiative is critical from a prevention perspective and also eliminating the stigma associated with mental health. Moreover, we are confident that the wellness camp will help aspirants to perform better in upcoming board and competitive exams and empower them to take a broader perspective to achieve big in life,” said Pramod Maheshwari, Chancellor of Career Point University Kota.


LISSUN team also conducted personality and stress/anxiety assessments and one-on-one sessions with experts. LISSUN has been taking several initiatives to educate people about mental wellness in different age groups and work areas. Education and Academics are one of them where LISSUN has actively mentored students.  In the recent past LISSUN initiated a campaign #LISSUNTOYOURMIND to touch upon different lives.