• October 23, 2021

CHANDIGARH, 10 October, 2019: New age universities like Chandigarh University are giving their students an edge over others and making them stand apart through their international alliance programs under which CU has joined hands with top foreign universities across the world including QS world ranked universities. It’s a win-win situation for the students studying at CU as they tend to gain global exposure which provides them an opportunity to expand their skill-set and undergo learning of emerging technologies which are being used by industry globally that ultimately enhances their job prospects.

Foreign tie-ups allow students to leverage the research, technology platforms, infrastructure & industry connections of the partner foreign universities to understand the global marketplace in terms of skills and competencies needed. Visit to developed countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia also provides educational benefits through hands-on training on latest technologies which are currently under development phase.  

Although several Indian universities are offering such facility but Chandigarh University appears to be the pioneer in engaging with top foreign universities. Chandigarh University under its flagship program, International Academic Alliance (IAA) have established tie-ups with 250+ universities which offer global exposure through semester abroad, summer internship, joint research programs, faculty & student exchange, dual degree opportunities to its students. While giving details about the International Academic program, Dr. R.S.Bawa, Vice-Chancellor, CU, said, “The students are offered a chance to spend time in overseas environment, without studying there full-time. It also means that foreign faculty, subject experts, researchers from different countries and different streams would come down to CU campus offering them their expertise under one roof. This exposure in the classroom environment helps the student in getting a broader mindset”.

Chandigarh University have academic partnership with Universities like University of North Alabama, USA, Florida State University, USA, University of Florence, Italy has a pedagogy that dates back many hundreds of years which when clubbed with new age syllabus, gives a more global approach and learning experience.     

More than 300 international faculty having subject expertise in diversified fields of engineering, management, law, mass communication, hotel management, architecture & others have been to CU Campus under the faculty exchange program during the last 3 years offering the students a rich experience in their respective areas.

“Some collaborations allows students to study semester abroad and experience university life in the host country, some allow them to attend summer internship, some allow them to learn from foreign faculty that comes to India, some allow them to develop their research skills, they also benefit from joint curriculum development activities,” said Director, International Relations, Chandigarh University.

Partner universities offers more than 200 scholarships to Chandigarh University students each year which availed by hundreds of students who are visiting these universities under the various academic programs. More than 1500 students of various streams of CU have availed benefits under the International Academic Alliance program.   

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