Summer is one of the best times of the year for family vacations in India. MrOwl, a Social Cloud Storage™ platform that brings together the best of search, social, and the cloud helps anyone keen ontraveling by simplifying the overall travel experience. MrOwl can help you explore new destinations, plan and also manage your summer holiday itineraries, tickets, and even chat with your family for free.

On MrOwl, users build collections, called “branches,” with subtopics, links, documents, and all types of media. Users can upload gigabytes of data with just a few clicks and have it automatically organized into a MrOwl “branch” that is shareable and searchable for friends and family who you are traveling with.The MrOwl community has shared lots of great travel tips to provide inspiration and ideas whether you are simply looking for a new travel destination to try or looking for ways to travel smarter.

Some of these users create branches like SujithBhakthan’stravel branch, where he highlighted his favourite hotels, bus reviews, and even the best temples to visit in India (URL: others recap their previous holidays like Heather Montgomery, a blogger that shares her favorite tips and travel destinations on her MrOwl branch (URL: Similarly, you can find many different types of resources for various destinations across the globe to help you plan any type of upcoming trip.

On MrOwl, it’s also easy to find information that will help you make your holidays fun and extremely interesting for all age groups.  You can find ideas on ways to engage kids during the summer months with great content that can be used as an educational tool or even just as ideas for fun summer activities to keep them busy. Joe Hansen, a MrOwl user,manages a branch called “Summer Activities for Kids” that will keep your children engaged with fun activities this whole summer (URL: Grace DiBartolomeo, another user on MrOwl,manages a branch on secret foods at the Disney theme parks for anyone traveling with kids to one of Disney’s magical parks(URL:

Planning a vacation together can be a tedious task, but now with MrOwl, both individuals and families can take advantage of a platform that offers free cloud storage*and a solution to their organizational issues when traveling. MrOwl’s Social Cloud Storage, creates a harmonious search solution that lets anyone upload travel documents from both their computers and other cloud storage platforms. They can also simultaneously search their cloud, computer files, and the internet together creating a smooth, easy, and faster experience when planning travel.

Arvind Raichur, CEO, and Co-Founder of MrOwl said, “MrOwl is a great platform for anyone with travel aspirations this summer. Memorable holidays always begin with an idea and great research.We are extremely happy to be the place where people can stumble upon new destinations, connect with others, and plan their next big trip.”

MrOwl reimagines the travel experience by building a platform that allows you to be in control. Both the app and site enable people to collaborate on a variety of topics, find motivating and inspiring ideas, and share information with their network, community, and friends.

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