• October 17, 2021

Jaipur, November,  2019: Platinum Days of Love, PGI India’s flagship programme has launched its latest collection of Platinum Love Bands called “Greater Together”. The campaign narrative of #GreaterTogether celebrates a love that is as rare as platinum and celebratescouples who can come together to build an even more formidable force where differences add perspective & similarities are built on to make one stronger! A love that is built over respect for individual uniqueness & what each brings to the table. This new identity stands for a greater US’ than they each do individually.

Known for meaningful design, the new season’s collection embodies the #GreaterTogether concept in three themes – that mirror the truth of relationships:

  1. SO DIFFERENT AND SO IN LOVE: The collection celebrates the romantic cliché of opposites who attract and thus celebrates differences!Contrasting patterns &opposing forms come together to symbolize the great union of opposites where two different forces unite to become greater together.

TWIN SOULS IN LOVE: This collection brings to the fore the quality of being the mirror image of each other in a relationship. The design narrative reflects the best of one & the best of the other joining forces to be ‘Greater Together’. Modern finishes with matched textures &similar motifs which perfectly signifies how the couple mirrors each other.

THE CIRCLE OF LOVE: This collection comprises of perfectly complementary platinum love bands for him and her highlighting the rare love between the couple in a way that nurtures, supports, strengthens & empowers them together.Circular line designs envelop & entwine each other indefinitely in each piece, while paneled motifs &entwined contours represent the grounding force that empowers the couples to  be “Greater Together”

The New collection of platinum love bands for him and her by ‘Platinum Days of Love’ is now available across leading jewellery retail stores across India. The range starts from INR 45000 onwards.

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