Published On: Thu, Jul 30th, 2020

Fans India Group Came Forward to Help During Corona Crisis

Mumbai, July 30, 2020. 

Fans India is a non-profit group of Indian cricket fans with members in several countries like India, Australia, UK, USA, UAE and New Zealand. Members of Fans India group came together to distribute 10 days worth of food supplies for 400 families in Mumbai. Fans India group helped many needy families in Mumbai during the coronavirus lockdown and wish to continue their work in other parts of the country too.

Fans India is a well-known fan club that cheers and supports the Indian Cricket team inside the stadium in their matches around the world. Fans India is also popular for their songs dedicated to Indian cricket team. Their latest song “Mera India” was dedicated to the Indian women’s team and it was played in all India games during the T20 Women’s World Cup in Australia.

During the COVID lockdown in India, Fans India group decided to help needy families. They collected funds from across the world and helped around 400 needy families with 10 days worth of groceries.

The founder of Fans India, Rajul Sharma, emphasizes that there are millions of people across the nation who have lost their livelihood and cannot feed themselves and their families. By collecting funds from across six nations, Fans India is doing their bit by ensuring that at least 400 families in Mumbai do not go hungry.

Further, he also mentioned that the group is trying their best to raise awareness and money from their fans across countries like India, Australia, UK, USA, UAE and New Zealand to help the deprived in other parts of India and will soon extend support.

On and off the field, the Fans India group shows exemplary zeal and enthusiasm that is reserved not only for the love of the game but for the love of humanity too.

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