India’s Leading theater Production Company, Felicity Theater, and 3 M Dot Bands theatre family announced a strategic alliance for an all new short format theater festival titled Jairangam seasons. Jairangam seasons is an initiative to rejuvenate and catalyze theater culture in the city of Jaipur . In its first season, the blockbuster theatricals Mahabharat and Jab we separated will be showcased to theater loving audiences on 27th and 28th April respectively at BM Birla Auditorium Jaipur .The aim of Jairangam seasons is to provide an opportunity to stage unique theatricals and explore a myriad palette of new talents and styles of theatre, making it an experience NOBODY would want to miss.

Mr. Deepak Gera, Festival, Director Jairangam says “At Jairangam it has been our objective to promote theatre and associated arts in Jaipur and provide a platform for interaction amongst artists, writers and performers for cultural cross exchange. JAIRANGAM SEASONS is an initiative to bring shorter format theater festivals to the city of Jaipur at least 2 or 3 times in a year. We would like to add that these plays would be free of cost for the friends of Jairangam which is a group of likeminded theater and art lovers. We are extremely proud to be associated with Felicity Theatre  who are doing  an excellent job of promoting theatre across  India with their spectacular production”Mr. Rahul Buchhar Producer and MD Felicity Theater added “At Felicity Theater it has been our endeavor to promote theater and new talent from across the country, it gives me great pride to be associated with the renowned theater festival Jairangam and through this collaboration we promise to bring the finest theatricals to the city of Jaipur”

Jairangam seasons will commence on April 27th 2019 with the staging of the Magnum Opus theatrical Mahabharat produced by Felicity Theater. Written and Directed by film, television and theatre stalwart Puneet Issar, this powerful theatrical unravels the selfless, unconditional friendship and loyalty between Duryodhan and Karan. The play is presented in a poetic format, with rhythmic rendering of dialogues and tells us a story about good prevailing over evil..Mahabharat has a galaxy of iconic stars from the world of film ,television and theatre  that includes Puneet Issar, Rahul bhuchar, Meghna Malik Urvashi Dholakia, Gufi paintal, Surendra Pal ,Aarti Nagpal,Vijayta Bhardwaj,Danish Akhtar,Yashodhan Rana,Karan Sharma ,Rakshit BHuchar and Siddhant Issar.This mythological extravaganza will dazzle audiences in Jaipur with its exquisite costumes, vibrant choreography and powerful performances .

On day 2, of Jairangam, seasons will showcase the extraordinary entertainer Jab we separated”, Written and Directed by film, television and theatre stalwart, Rakesh Bedi. The power packed starcast  includes the highly acclaimed film and television actress Shweta Tiwari, renowned theatre personality Rahul Bhuchar and the multi faceted actor Rakesh Bedi himself.  The play depicts the mindset of modern day couples whose lives are woven in the fragile thread of mistrust. It’s a reflection of a contemporary society that when confronted with infidelity or regular nagging, today’s young couples resort to the only shortcut available, divorce! Be prepared for enthralling performances, a huge dose of gut-wrenching drama and of course, and some witty humor.

Now here is an opportunity for lovers of theater and performing arts to witness the finest plays and watch a bevy of iconic film and television stars performing on stage in Jaipur !

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